Monday, May 11, 2020

A Second Look at Toxic Shock

"Just Another Day" Album picture from Discogs.
     2020, and there are still many mysteries in the Anarcho Punk scene that haven't or won't ever be solved, sadly. After many years of searching, I've failed to find complete versions of Toxic Shock's 2 albums "A Dubious deal" and "Just Another Day." I own the first album but do not have the means to listen or upload to it. Across the comments from the original Toxic Shock post here and others on YouTube and on the Kill Your Pet Puppy blog, it is clear that their shows were unique among the other bands and had a strong impression on those who got the opportunity to see them. Even now over 30 years later members of their audiences still hum the melodies of those live renditions of their work.

     In these comments, those who claimed to have watched them were surprised by their act of singing their opening song "Fences" from within the audience as they walk to the stage. At one point, another comment claimed they both hit a pitch so high it cracked a wine glass. I'm sure the Poison Girls audience was surprised to see a bass and sax duo. I find it surprising that there are no live recorded sets on the internet and barely any pictures. Having played so many gigs with Poison girls you would think there was more of an attempt to preserve their work.

     I've kept in touch with Heather through email and every few years I'll catch up with her. She is still active in music but with a completely difference sound.

A Dubious Deal
     In any case, I have a favor to ask. Does anyone have the music from "A Dubious Deal" and "Just Another Day"? Or any live recordings? After all these years it would be nice to be able to finally hear these albums. I failed in my own search despite owning the former.


  1. here's "just another"

    and something extra:

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