Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Couple of Things.

     When it comes to 'Anarcho Punk', a lot of people just seem to want to 'collect' rare tracks by these bands blindly without realizing what they were truly about. It is sad that nearly all the 'Crass' bands that were against the 'Sex Pistols' punk bands that sold out ended up getting swept under the carpet and forgotten about over time. Lots of blogs have tried to spread the music, but putting a band picture with a download link to poorly titled tracks isn't going to change the way people think. What mattered the most to 'anarcho punk' wasn't the fashion or the music. It was the content in their lyrics and getting people to think for themselves.

     This blog will be dedicated in covering all the bands with as much detail as can be researched about them along with pictures and endless pages of lyrics. I want people and read them and hopefully question the things around themselves, seeing as though most of the lyrics are still relevant today, or even more than they ever were back then. Putting down the downloading link is the last thing I am worried about seeing as though lots of these songs are already out there somewhere to download. However, I do have some material that has never been uploaded before, but it will be a pain to get them into split MP3 files.

     Going to be busy with a lot of things(School and my band). I will be using box to upload my files. You will need Itunes to play all of my songs(It's a free download). I can only get a certain number of downloads every month and when my limit is up the files become unavailable until the next month so you better get them fast! Some may appear untitled, but once put into Itunes, they will all be shown to be labeled correctly. I also need to get some equipment to rip some tapes and records. I will get it all sorted out eventually but will take several months to do.

     Credit to most of the pictures, info and songs goes mostly to the Kill your Pet Puppy blog(many, many thanks for your contributions),, Heather Joyce(Toxic Shock/Metro Youth/Sanction), Revulsion, Famous Imposters, Rich Cross(Metro Youth/Sanction. I recommend you check out his website which is listed on the bottom of this page), Hagar The Womb, Sean McGee, lots of fanzines I've forgotten the names of, Roy Wallace, Sean(Anarka and Poppy), The Cravats, Lance Hahn, Fallout, Paula Taylor, an individual known as "Whirling Pig Dervish",, Trunt(for several of the photographs), Miles "Rat Naplam", Feed your Head, Graham Burnett, Andrew Bayles(DAN), Jim Wafford, Zillah Minx, Sid, Paul Cussens, Iain Influx and Ian Glasper(a great author indeed). All those people are the ones who truly deserve to be given credit, not me. I am simply bringing all the information together in a simple, consolidated manner.

     Once again, just to clarify, I take no credit in any of the pictures and most of the information on this blog.

     Once you download and listen to these bands, or if you are familiar with them I would appreciate it if you comment on what you thought about them/memories,other info. Most of these songs will be remastered and far better in quality than the ones you find out there in blogs, soulseek, etc.


  1. I'm very pleased to have become aware of you & endorse all that you say.

    Cheers for the link; I'm well happy to link you back, if you're happy with that...?
    I always ask.

    Have you checked out 'Essential Ephemera'

    Could be right up your alley; it's up mine! Missus!

    A & P, roy

  2. Yes you may link me back. Thanks for the support! I am aware of that website. There are two more that are similar.


  3. Excellent blog. I just stumbled upon it while looking for a Decadence Within download. I added you to my blog list. Give it a look-over, I put most of the stuff on Youtube for sampling purposes too.

  4. Thanks! Good blog you got there. I'll add you to my list as well.