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The Sinyx

      Formed in the summer of 1979, out of two schoolmates and two other young punks that had previously been in some of their local bands, The Sinyx took form. They were inspired and motivated by the early anarchist punk scene. After playing in bedrooms and using somewhat broken equipment, they managed to come upon a practice room and much better instruments.

     In the spring of 1980, The Sinyx played their first gig at a local youth center supported by the Eratics, to an eccentric audience from Essex, London. They received plenty of good feedback, which led them to play throughout London and Southern England. Concerts were played all over pubs, clubs and community centers, despite interruptions and violence brought by nazis and radicals. They also played several gigs with their fellow local travelers, The Icons.

     Their first demo was recoded on 1/3/80, at the Elephant Studio, Wapping, London. "Mark of the Beat" was included in Bullshit Detector - Volume one, after the band sent a copy of the demo to Crass. A second demo was recorded later that year, featuring four tracks: Suicide, Britain is a Mausoleum, Decadence and Animal. Unfortunately, Two of the four members left the band shortly after, which led to the band recruiting two members from The Icons on guitar and bass. This lead to their more intense and hypnotic sound heard later on such songs as "The Plague".

     In 1981, The Black Death E.P. was recorded at the Spectrum studio in Southend. It was released on the Reality Attack label. In 1982, the band went through yet another line up change. "Filf" left the band, making room for two new members(one being Steve Pegrum, the drummer of Kronstadt Uprising). This new line up made their debut on 26/3/82, alongside The Mob and Rudimentary Peni. Even though they claimed to have reached their best sound yet, vocalist "Alien" left the band after a gig on 11/9/82, at the Moonlight club in West Hampstead, London, with Rudimentary Peni and Riot/Clone. Alien revealed that he left the band to "focus my energies on more political interests".

      The sinyx tried to carry on, but drummer Steve Pegrum also left in 1982 to focus more on Kronstadt Uprising. The "Unknown Revolution" E.P. was in the works, so he needed to become more committed to that band. After recruiting more new members and playing a couple more shows, "John" left the band in 1984, which ultimately led to the unfortunate demise of the Sinyx.

"Death to Decadence"

What's so good about my life-?
Does it mean so much to you?
Why can't you let me be?
I will not be trodden down.
My life won't resign itself
to what will be will be.

Luxury ain't what I want.
You're avoiding all the facts
when you tell me what I need.
Pensioned job, a family,
and a firm's car aren't for me.
I'll try and let my mind be free.

Twilight, daylight of your life.
Spend your young days working for;
Then you are put out to grass.
Try and force me I will shout.
My silence price is not too high,
'Cause freedom's not too much to ask.

If you've got lots of money,
Buy yourself a limosine,
Cocktail cabinet in the back.
Other people starve to death,
But you've got lots of money.
It's just a brain that you lack.

"The Plague"

Bring those of no mind
And throw them on the cart,
The dregs of mankind,
The people with no heart.
The plague is here,
But we have nothing to fear.
Bring out the dead...


Those dressed as wolves
Who are just sheep,
Their minds have gone,
Their brains asleep.
The plague is here,
But we have nothing to fear.
Bring out the dead...

Anarchy is here the
Plague of peace.
there's no more army,
No police.
The plague is here,
But we have nothing to fear.
Bring out the dead.


I am not an animal.
Why treat me like an animal?
Why try to make my life small?
I am not an animal.
The only animal'round here is you:
Uncivilized in all you do.
Like a dog you train me.
the ideal pet I will not be.

I am not an animal.
Won't come running when you call.
I won't run at your hell.
I won't pray and I won't kneel.
Why do you wish to abuse me;
I live not just to serve you.
I live to serve me too.

I am not an animal.
Into your deep pit I fall.
I won't be your perfect pet.
Loyalty you will not get.
Why do you command my life?
Find me a mate, I mean a wife.
I am not an animal.

"Bullwood Hall"

Bullwood Hall is in Hockley.
No entry for you and me.
The system locks girls behind doors
Just for breaking poxy laws.
Human beings kept in cages;
Locked in cells for fucking ages.
There are girls in Bullwood Hall;
Let them out, free them all.

Prison, government, property.
Prison, paid for you by you and me.
Prison, just who is to blame?
Prison, governments are all the same.

A girl has no money, no job too.
So she steals; there's nothing she can do.
To help, the system does fuck all.
Anyways, whose laws did she break?
Stop this lunacy for everyone's sake.
The system is where the blame lies.
See what freedom their tax buys.

High brick walls with iron bars.
Rich men sit in Rolls Royce cars.
If they weren't so fuckin' greedy,
No one will lock up the needy.
But locked up the innocent stay;
The system threw their keys away.
State kidnapping I deplore.
Kidnap breaks the fukin' law.

Lock politicians in their prisons.
Let them taste their own sweet poison.
The queen has much to answer for.
She is rich, the fuckin' whore.
Sandringham, Windsor and all,
Some now live in Bullwood Hall.

"Britain is a Mausoleum

Living here under the system
Is like living in a mausoleum.
The people are the living dead.
If they're not, they get electrodes on their head.
We're steered through life's boring course,
Yet very few feel remorse.
To keep us bound they need no chains
Because they slowly kill our brains.

Living in a mausoleum
Living in a mausoleum
Living in a mausoleum
Not a place I'd choose to stay
Living in a mausoleum
Living in a mausoleum
Living in a mausoleum
It don't have to be this way.

Work all, that is your function.
Police man hits you with his truncheon.
Your brain shudders from his blows,
Beats you till your reason goes.
A zombie existence for you,
If you've got no thoughts you'll make no fuss.
Parallel life you exist
Life reduced to work or a shopping list.

If you're different you're a mental.
This makes me so tempermental.
If you're criminally insane,
Electric shocks sear through your brain.
Soon you don't know who you've been,
But at least your mind is clean.
The filth is gone, your mind is new,
Thinking just what they want you to.


Sinner, bastard, vampire creature - enemy,
Your mental sickness defiles all humanity.
There is no room for your sick theology.
Drop your cross, blasphemer, and you will be free.

Blasphemer, prepare to die.
Blasphemer, prepare to die.
Blasphemer, prepare to die.
Blasphemer, prepare to die.

With your worship you condemn liberty.
Your reign of terror will not last you will see.
You will die - there is no reprieve for heresy.
You will see that Hell on Earth can never be.


1st Demo(3-1-1980)
2nd Demo(9-6-1980)
Live at the Action Space(9-19-1980)
Live at the Focus(August 1982)
The Black Death E.P.(1982)
Live at the Dratford Y.M.C.A. (8-5-82)
3rd Demo(1985)



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