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     In 1982, a band called Sub-Zeros split into two different bands. One was Societies Vultures which only lasted until sometime in 1983. Guitarist/vocalist Andy Burden of that band eventually moved to Sunderland and formed the Famous Imposters. The other band, was named Kulturkampf (meaning 'struggle for civilization') which consisted of brothers Mark and Carl Wroe, Paul Kirkwood and new vocalist Karl Gallear. 

     Their first gig was at Barugh Green, a benefit gig for Barnsley CND supporting the Passion Killers. Karl left the band aferwards after a misdemeanour, leaving the band as a three-pice, just in time for them to record their first demo, 'The Struggle', at Barnsley's Street Life Studios during July 1983. Shortly after, Andy Clough formerly of Sub-Zeros and Societys Vultures, joined as an additional guitarist.

     Kulturkampf continued to rehearse in mark's mom's betting shop. One interesting thing about Kulturkampf is that all their equipment was given to them as Christmas and birthday presents. Unfortunately, right before they were set to play at an all-day festival thing at Bierkeller in Leeds, Carl, their durmmer, broke his ankle playing around on a kid's BMX bike.

     In November 1983, Kulturkampf went into the Lion Studios in Leeds to record their second, and final, demo, 'The Corpse of Bureaucracy'. To everyone's disbelief, by the time their Mortarhate album was released in early 1986, Kulturkampf had already split up. They played their last show at the Nottingham Narrow Boat with Famous Imposters and the Scumdribblers.

     According to the band members, nothing dramatic had caused the split, but they where disillusioned with the lack in the bands progress. In 1984, two of the members began missing rehearsals to focus on their private lifes. Soon after, Kulturkampf were no more.

"We Need No More"

Firing on the front line with a machine gun. One day you're here, the next you're dead. Praying for hope that I'm not dead for the war that so many shed. The screams of murder and slaughter elite, as a thousand dead bodies lie by me feet. For in the mud and blood I fight for a lost cause that can't be right. We don't want your wars - they try to maim for a lost cause that can't be right. Media feeds us the lies and tells us their own story, but the real truth is hidden behind fame and glory. All your warts are just games of hate – fighting to the orders they dictate. Is this the life that wants to be led? Because in the end we’ll all be dead. War is nothing to be proud of – it’s the shame of life. Without all the weapons and nuclear arms we shouldn’t be in this strife. We can do without your violence, and war to meet its fate. All the world should live in peace and reject the system’s hate.

"A Nation with No Glory"

All across the nation I see people dying from the depression in the Third World, and in Belfast with a bomb. The news has just come on TV – there’s another war in Beirut, and the politicians arguing over who’s got the boot. Why can’t you hear them saying? Why can’t you hear them praying? Life’s begun and no-one’s won, and the people say “What’s it all about?” The scientists are murdering the animals with their rays while the meat and guts are rotting over the countless days. The political groups are arguing over who’s gonna with the day, when all the rack and ruin just ends up in our dismay. Are everybody in the system all too blind to see what society’s corruption is doing to you and me? We’ve gotta find a better way and learn to live life free, and the only way to do it is believe in anarchy.

"Let Them Live"

When I woke up screaming in the dark at night, from the blood of a murder and horrific fright. You talk Adolf Hitler gassing all the Jews – never hear the animals, because they’ve got no right to chose. They’ve no right to chose. You hear them in the abattoir, see them on your plate. You never realize their murder or realize their fate. You just blindly accept it as you blindly feed. All the innocent creatures slaughtered for your greed. A rich man’s ritual – from birth he’s been taught to hunt down foxes. He calls it sport. Block up its home, so to live it has to run – its limbs mutilated for trophies of a good day’s “fun”. People eat the murder – they don’t see it for real. Just because they say they like it they eat it every meal. Just think how you would feel “just for the taste”. All this pointless slaughter – what an incredible waste.


The Earth is decaying from rot and pollution. A distorted brain makes us all the pain. Discharge and waste gets thrown in our face. Nuclear energy to kill all humanity. My lungs have now turned green and there’s no-one to be seen. For miles around there is a sound of all the people who have drowned. Factories and industries churning out the smoke. Oxygen in the air is turning into mucus. Plutonium, uranium – burning to dilute. We don’t want your equation to make more radiation. For all your sciences and all your arts, all the world is going to be torn apart by all the chemicals and all your gases, to separate and kill – kill all the masses.

"The End"

There they all sit in Number 10, having a drink now and then – whispering out their stupid lies. It ain’t gonna help the whole of mankind. Enola Gay had it all to say. They’re gonna kill us with deadly rain – to blind us with their burning light, to blister us with their fearful might. Speaking with lies of nuclear war – perhaps it’s been suggested all before. Are they gonna tell us once and for all, or do we have to suffer the four minute call? Someone in the world is trying to end it, so we will have to protest and try to disarm it. For we don’t want a Third World War, for it began and ended in 1984.

"Please Help"

Do you know how it feels to be watched upon – to be caged to be raged, to be shat upon, to be used as a scapegoat for a workman’s joke? Look at us and laugh at us to the worlds you provoke. You put us in an asylum from day to day, and no one wants to know if we die away. The village conversation says that one of us is dead, “But what’s it really matter when they have cabbage for a head?” The working man’s money is spent on nuclear arms. The working man’s money is spent on nuclear arms. The working man’s money is spent on meat in the farms. Millions upon millions is spent on a tragic waste, while no one wants to know of the Rampton case. “A thousand pounds is the aim of the walk. I don’t know why we do it for the spastics who can’t talk.” “They’re no use to any of us or society – Just convert them away to cure their insanity.”

"General Instigators"

The army’s here, they’re here to stay. They’re never, ever going to go away. Fighting with their weapons of war – the Irish plead that they don’t want no more. Killing people seems such a game, but it’s not the death that counts it’s only the fame. You’ve got to fight for what you think is right, but death and blood is only an act of might. Why do people have to die? Why do people have to cry? Why do people have to hate? Have the Government got the right? The Government only want to be thrilled while innocent people are killed. The cause for wars and problems might be right, but sadists and generals will never see the light. Another dead hero so put him on the list. Wars and deaths are run by the fist. A death here and a death shot there – people are running faster from the soldiers’ war scare.


The Struggle
The Corpse of Bureaucracy
Live at Haddon Hall, Leeds, July 24th, 1984


  1. thanks so much for sharing !!! this music is great !!! Is the vinyl still available ??

  2. great band...and im grateful alot for this !!!!