Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hagar The Womb

Left to right:Guitarist Janet, Drummer Chris from Cold War, vocalist Ruth and second guitarist Paul who was also from Cold War.
     Hagar the Womb were a female fronted, rather colorful and refreshing band, who wanted to have a little more fun than just shouting out the same gloomy political message that so many other bands were doing. After being ignored and laughed at by the men who ran the Wapping Anarchy Centre for trying to speak their minds and contributing ideas, several of the women decided to start a band so they could be taken more seriously. In London during 1980, Ruth, Karen, Amden and Nicola Corcoran all decided to become the vocalists, Janet Nassim became the guitarist and Stepth Cohen played the bass, while Andy Martin from The Apostles helped them by giving them a place to practice in and a drummer named Scarecrow. 

     Even though nobody in the band besides Scarecrow knew how to play anything, they were offered their first gig at the Centre, but the band claims that the people who were setting it up only did it because they didn't think they would be ready since they were to have it a week after forming.

4.4.84, Bierkeller Leeds, photo by Jenny Plaits.
      Still, the band pulled it together, came up with a name that had no meaning, and played a somewhat chaotic gig supporting The Mob and Zounds featuring early versions of "Dressed to Kill" and "Puff the Magic Dragon".

Guitarist Janet Nassim.
     Despite the gig being poorly played due to the lack of musical experience, the band received plenty of positive support, so they decided to continue with the project. Next, J.F.B.(Jon from Bromley) was recruited on second guitar, while Scarecrow was replaced behind the drum set by Chris 'Elephant Face' Knowles from the band Cold War.

This picture come from the Kill Your Pet Puppy blog. It may have come from the band themselves.
     Several of their vocalists left soon after, leaving just Ruth and Karen. After several gigs, people began to take notice of the band, their lyrics, which were much more personal instead of always about war and bombs, and their clothes, which were more colorful and not black like what several "Crass clone" bands were doing. Instead of being anti-everything, the band were anti-labeling and tried to be wild.

Chris, their drummer from Cold War standing left to bassist Mitch Flacko. Guitarist Janet on the bottom right.
     Soon enough, Crass's "Feeding of The 5000" got into their hands and gave them it's influence. The band also had connections with the Kill Your Pet Puppy collective, since one of their members was living at their house after being kicked out of her own home for dyeing her hair red. After recording their first demo, the track 'For The Ferryman' was pulled by Conflict to appear on their label Mortarhate's 'Who? What? Why? When? Where' compilation. 

Bassist Steph.
     However, their bassist Steph left soon after, and was replaced on bass by Mitch Flacko who came from other bands such as The Crux, The Snork Maidens and Flack. Soon enough, J.F.B. was replaced on second guitar by Paul Harding, also from Cold War, and gigs were luckily easy for the band to play, since they lived near clubs such as the 100 Club, Marquee, Fulham Greyhound and the Moonlight Club.

     In 1984, Hagar The Womb released their first E.P. titled "Word of The Womb" on Conflict's Mortarhate label. It was engineered by Pete Fender from Rubella Ballet/Omega Tribe at Heart and Souls Studios, Walthamstow. The band got the opportunity to release that E.P. because they had been playing several gigs before it with Conlict. It hit the Indies chart and went up to number six with the track "Dressed to Kill" becoming the favorite, and also appearing in Sean Mcghee's "Anti-Society" compilation, but with the guitar solos heavily quieted down. The band continued by playing several more gigs to promote it.

     Slightly after the release of the E.P. and recruiting a third vocalist by the name of Elaine Reubens, John Peel invited the band to come down and record a Peel session, but due to complications with their lyrical content and struggles to find a drum set, the band ended up sounding kind of rough and not how they really were. Afterwards, the band had a fallout with Mortarhate due to trust issues, and decided to go to Abstract Records to release their next E.P. in 1985 titled 'Funnery In A Nunnery'. 

     Unfortunately, their bassist Mitch left the band before a gig they had with The 3 Johns at Dingwalls in Camden, and was replaced by Paul 'Veg' Venables. Sometime during 1987 the band came to a halt with no explanation or dramatic end. Paul and Vedge went on to play with We Are Going To Eat You and Melt, while Mitch became a roadie for The Mekons and is now a tour manager.

     2011 has become a good year for Hagar The Womb. A retrospective record has just been released titled 'A Brighter Shade Of Black' on Mississippi Records.

Six Minute War eventually evolved into the band Fallout(both bands were highly underrated and have posts in this blog about them .

     Hagar the Womb has recently reformed with original members.

Janet on the right.

"Dressed To Kill"

Saturday Nights coming and I've just got to Prepare.
Have a bath and spend two hours washing my hair
'cos you know I've got to have my face just right. Right!
So all the boys will only fall for me tonight~ Tonight!

oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo
Gotta try my best, best, best,
to stand out from there rest, rest, rest,.
To make sure that he, he, he, 
will only fancy me, me, me.

In my sequinwed boob top I'll really stand out on the floor.
Make sure the boys will come crawling back begging for more.
With a flashing smile and tons and tons of cheap perfume. Perfume!
They'll soon realize I'm the best piece in the room. Room!

oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo
Gotta try my best, best, best,
to stand out from there rest, rest, rest,.
To make sure that he, he, he, 
will only fancy me, me, me.

I don't care if I trip or catch a chill
'cos in my flimsy clothes I wanna look dressed to kill.
Make myself out to be really, really, really hot stuff. Stuff!
Tease the boys make sure they never get enough. Enough!

With every single boy in the room I will flirt.
I don't care if I'm used or treated like dirt.
I don't even care if they call me a tart. Tart!
cos I know they reall meant to say sweetheart. Heart!
(Come with me!)
Come with me!

oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo
Gotta try my best, best, best,
to stand out from there rest, rest, rest,.
To make sure that he, he, he, 
will only fancy me, me, me.

Fancy me.
Fancy me.

More lyrics coming if I can manage to get my insert back from a friend of mine.

Soon to come Downloads:

(They have recently had a well deserved retrospective record released, so there wont be much to download)
Word Of The Womb 1984 Mortarhate


  1. A successful gig with The Mob in Bristol under their belts for 2012, the only way is up for Hagar The Womb. Catch them while you can.

    btw, the elusive Mitch finally makes an appearance in your last stage photo of the group, rather than earlier on as suggested.

  2. Hi!
    Your blog is awesome
    Thanks for the songs c:

  3. I was in brighton 2012 the girls looked really sexy!

  4. ruth has sexy tits

  5. love the way karen ramsdance dances all her wobbly bits fall out if ya now wot i mean

  6. Actually the hagars are a Jewish punk girl band all the girls in it are jewish.

    1. Jewis lol,thought they was ateist anarchist,tey can play at my sons barmitzvah but they cant sing lol

    2. ruths tits are the best her ass stands out from the rest rest rest oooh oo ooh ooh yeh

  7. Karen's wobbly bits do jump around, she has this dancing style when she sings where she lurches forward and all he wobbly bits wobble big time, looks like she has been on the cider too much.
    Ruth wobbles loads too and she has weird knees, her lower legs stick out at funny angles, age aint been great to either of them

  8. Thanks for your 'insightful' comments about the female band member's 'bits'. I assume you mean breasts? Yes, women do have these and they have even been known to move when the woman moves. Hagar The Womb and anybody with a brain stands against your sexist bullshit. Grow the fuck up you utter plum.

    1. Holy shit! Thanks for your comment Sarah. I was reading those up there and feeling embarrassed of being a man and having anything in common with them. How many brainless stupid fucks! Great blog BTW

    2. I was at a Hags gig last night. I never saw them "back in the day" but they are absolutely awesome. Danced myself stupid.

    3. this band shud be called hagar the horrible over time they have become a dated desperate comical punk farce,there sad bassist even gets his dick out and posts it on facebook proudly .

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