Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hex as H.D.Q. Left to Right: Guitarist Golly(He wasn't the vocalist, he just happened to have a Mic), Dickie The Rock 'N' Roll Bowl on guitar, Lainey on drums.
     Hex were a rather mysterious band, closely tied to anarchist and animal rights ideas, and would later have three of their members go on to play in H.D.Q. They formed sometime around the early eighties with one of their first line-ups consisting of Pikey on vocals, Golly Utopia on Guitar/lyrics, Cubby on drums, and Lainey on bass.

     After 1984, Dickie began playing in another new band called H.D.Q. as their guitarist. Afterwards, H.D.Q. were joined by Golly on vocals, Lainey on drums and Anth, the lead guitarist/vocalist from the Famous Imposters(same one from this blog) on drums.

     Sometime during the early eighties, Hex released their first demo titled "Not The Promised Land". The opening track titled "Is This To Be?" ended up appearing on the label Words for Warning's "You are Not Alone" Compilation in 1986. During the mid-eighties, Hex released their second demo titled "Poison in The System". The band continued to be active during throughout the eighties, playing several gigs with bands such as The Instigators and Feed your Head(As H.D.Q., they played with Slaughter Of the Innocent, Decadence Within, Amebix and Disorder).

Their split E.P. with the flyer they used for the tour to promote it with Feed your Head.
     In 1987, Hex had gotten a new line-up of Pikey and Cas on vocals, Golly on guitar, Dickie "The Rock 'N' Roll Bowl" Hammond on bass and Lainey now on drums. They quickly paired up with another band named "Feed your Head" and released a split E.P. It was titled "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" on the same Words of Warning label. The two bands then went on a tour to promote it.

     It wasn't until later on in 1987 that Hex released their third and best demo. It contained brilliant tracks such as the opener "Black & Proud", the second song "Decide" and "Whose is the glory?". The song "Decide" was taken and appeared in the "Anti-Capitalism Anarcho Punk Compilation" on Overground records which was compiled and remastered by Sean Mcghee from Psycho Faction. Shortly after the demo, Hex disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.

I have no lyrics for this band. In fact, trying to find any information on Hex is almost impossible.

Soon to come Downloads:

Not the promised land Tape 198X
Poison in the System tape 198X
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained E.P. 1987 Words of Warning(I don't have this one)
Third demo 1987


  1. Good to see Hex/HDQ get a mention for a change.


  2. "trying to find any information on Hex is almost impossible."

    HDQ are still around, why not drop Golly a message? :-)