Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Napalm Death

    Napalm Death(!),Why is Napalm Death here? Surprisingly enough, Napalm Death shared close ties with the "Anarcho punk" scene before splitting and reforming into a new band that completely changed in sound and lost all of it's original members but helped start Grind-core(Dave from Verbal Warning heavily supported them). The project started in Birningham during May of 1981, with Nicholas Bullen and Miles Ratledge after several attempts of playing in different bands during 1980 and writing/co-editing fanzines. Miles' fanzine was called "Twisted Nerve" and Nic co-edited another fanzine during 1980, resulting in five issues being issued by each of them(all with different names). Several names such as "Civil Defence", "The Mess", "Evasion" and "Undead Hatred" were used before the Name Napalm Death came along, and their inspiration came from the movement of bands that were created as a result of Crass.

     The first line-up which lasted between 1981 and 1982 consisted of Nicholas on vocals and bass, Simon Oppenheimer on guitar and Miles Ratledge on drums, and then later in August 1982 Simon left and was replaced by Darryl Fedeski who also left later that year during October. As a result, Graham Robertson join on bass, but moved to guitar, Nic moved to handle just the vocal duties, and Finbarr Quinn from Curfew joined as their new bassist and backing vocalist. Several gigs were played between 1982 and 1983 with bands such as Amebix, The Apostles and Antisect, and several demos were recorded including one titled "Kak" where their track "Crucifixion of Possessions" was pulled from Crass and released on Bullshit Detector Three as their vinyl debut. In 1984, after only seven gigs, Napalm Death split up, but reformed in 1985 with a new line-up which sounded more like Killing Joke and Amebix, and went on to play with bands such as Chumbawamba, Blyth Power, Icons of Filth, Concrete Sox and Decadence Within before going through even more line-up changes(eventually losing all their original members) and taking their sound into a different area that helped start Grindcore. Napalm Death continues to play to this day and has become very successful, but this post was only made to cover their early period.

"Crucifixion of Possessions"

Make the choice between wrong and right
The religion thrives - stand up and fight!
Their forefathers were false and blind
Leaving their mark on the skin of mankind
Pray to the gods and worship the goods
The lie carries on in pain and blood

The pain they bear is on their arms
The nails are now nailed in our palms
On their cross, we leave our sign
I've given yours, now you give mine
Material wealth is a physical curse
A pockmark on the skin of the earth

Hypocrite lies
Baby cries
Father dies
Why? Why? Why?

Hysterical laughter is no real action
I pledge no support to any mindless faction

Cry, cry, cry
Buy, buy, buy
Make the choice
Use your voice

They are the ones who affect the stigmata
I refuse to become a martyr.
Consume, consume - a capitalist obsession.
I refuse to become the crucifixion of possessions.

"The Glue Bag Song"

Defective intelligence - you sniffed glue:
You were bored, and had nothing to do.
A product of a wasted life: you are your only care.
Why did you live? Glue answers your prayer.

Glue bag stuck in your mind:
Too weak to reject - you were blind.
You try to escape from reality,
But you can't see that reality.

Now you're really drugged out:
No-one to help - you pass out,
Stench of glue embedded on your face:
Your candle is out: Goodbye Human Race.

Glue bag stuck in your mind:
Too weak to reject - you were blind.
You try to escape from reality,
But you can't see that reality.

Soon to come Downloads:

Kak(I only have two songs from this demo)


  1. i almost won all of there punk demo tapes on ebay a few years ago but it end at 200.00 dollars to much for my blood i contact the winner to see if he could make copies for but he told me to go fuck myself what a cunt!.

    1. Cares more about money than sharing good music with people, what an asshole

  2. they went from crust punk, to grindcore, to death metal, to industrial metal, to grindcore again... nice hearing the demo songs though