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     Atrox formed after Shock the System lost Brian and Andy. They were replaced by Hardye's boys, Mark Hodder and Charlie Mason on dual vocals, and Paul chambers joining in on bass. They quickly changed their name to Atrox. Atrox means 'shocking to society'.

     Atrox then recorded their 'Hot the Oxide!' demo from their own 'Xorta Tapes', during early March 1984 at Moniker Studios, Milborne Port, Dorset. Mark Hodder then left to pursue college, but stayed long enough to play a gig supporting the Subhumans and Self Abuse at Bournemouth's Winton Continental Cinema, July 1984.

     In late November 1984, Atrox recorded their second demo titled 'Screaming at Deaf Ears'. It was recorded the same way the first one was. During the beginning of 1985, Shaun Hemsley, a friend of Paul, joined the band as second vocalist. Then, two tracks from their second demo where included in a compilation called 'Party Pooping Punk Provocations'.

     Atrox continued to play more gigs, but Charlie left the band to stay in school. He played his last gig with them at Southampton's West Indian Club, supporting Pale Shade of Black. The remaining members of Atrox wanted to continue, so they changed their name to 'Hate that Smile', who later became 'Shot Away' and then Wordbug. Paul Simmons moved to Manchester and formed Stretch. Atrox may have disappeared, but the band members continued on musically.

"Protest with Action"

We protest about this and we protest about that,
but in the end it doesn't seem to alter the fact
that the injustices and wrongs that we're trying to change
nearly always end up, remaining the same.

Screaming at a brick wall.
Shouting at deaf ears.
Screaming at a brick wall.
They choose not to hear.

So to implement change, talk isn't enough
and obviously the going is going to get rough.
But action is needed in addition to our words.
By being more direct, we can reap the rewards.

'Stop the City' has succeeded in showing the nation
that we're prepared to take things further if we ant alterations.
if our voices are ignored, we refuse to call a halt.
we all must band together to rectify the faults.

Unity is vital if we're to achieve our aims.
termination of exploitation, war and money - death games.
Let's increase physical protest and 'direct action'
and progress towards some sort of positive reaction.

"Blind Acceptance"

You blindly accept that war is 'right'.
You rush to the sound of a raging street fight.
How can you sit back and watch the world go by?
If we were all like you, we'd surely die.

Depression sets in from watching the news
hidden by smiles to keep you confused.
you get a whole hour on channel four,
'Turn over love I can't take anymore."

While children die starving in distant lands,
you hustle and bustle for a better brand.
Forgetting about the needs of those so poor
As you ask your boss for a little bit more.

Sitting at home with a nice warm fire.
A documentary and words of a liar.
Stay at home and enjoy yourselves,
'we've done what we can, it's up to someone else'

"Is This tomorrow or the end of time?"

Woke up this morning, rubbed the dust from my eyes.
Had to live again the life I despise.
No use pretending that I was born free.
I was given eyes but they're not to see.

Drew back the curtains to view the outside,
and to my disbelief realized the world had died.
Couldn't understand why I was alive,
and there was no one to hear my fear fraught cry.

Land was so desolate nothing was there.
Not a sound could be heard to hide my despair.
Now I was free, free from all pain.
This freedom's enough to drive me insane.

The deadly mist falls lower to kill,
and then I lost all myself controlled will.
The window seemed the safest way.
a quick way to whisk my life away.

Woke up this morning, another nightmare ended.
Another boring day has since descended.


Eyes that once used to see through,
now exploited for an evil purpose that's new.
The owner is alive, but in hours will be dead
as the agony of vivisection rips through its head.

(Chorus) Once seeing, now blind, soon dead.
The fluid running down the face is warm and red.

Why the suffering, why the pain?
A mindless pointless exercise with no apparent gain.
Except to satisfy the lust of those who find pleasure
comes from making animals blind.

The torture doesn't end there in fact it's just begun.
Excruciating torment, it's all part of their fun.
There is no justification for any animal having to die.
Just to prove it hurts getting shampoo in your eyes.

The perpetrators argue that it's in the name of science,
but in fact it's just a case of gross moral defiance.
To continue letting companies, subject creatures to hell
will mean that with their product they're selling death as well.

"Under the Influence"

You're lost in a world of your own.
The realm of insanity, where your mind is blown.
Taking the substance, an easy way out?
Your time will come is there any doubt?

The realm of acid the happy place?
You can't be part of the human race.
Is it worth the trip the mindless thrill?
And do you believe me when I say it can kill?

You say you can control the high intake.
It might be too late to confess your mistake.

You say it seems that you're that way inclined.
Aren't you aware? You're slipping, are you blind?

Lost forever in a sea of discontent.
You could return repent, repent.
You've taken virtually all you can.
Taking more is that your plan?

The brain invasion has infested your mind.
Your body doesn't respond, it's been left behind.
Sucked you in your face looks drawn.
Pale skin on a skull twisted with scorn.

You wake up in the morning
and it's pissing down outside.
You have to face the clock,
it's lying by your side.
You have to get up early
For the early morning shift.
Your friendly powdered substance
To give you that little lift.

"Elitist Prey"

No regret for the people you've killed.
You only interest, the empire you build.
sweet suburbia your home from home.
You only escape from your warmongers throne.

Teaching your son the 'proper' way.
How to make fellow man the elitist prey.
'People are profit' and 'profit is power'.
The power's abused from your mental power.

The depredated land, is power in you in had.

People live in squalor
while you worry about the dollar.
no feelings, no regret.
With all your money, you can just forget.

(Hit the Oxide lyrics coming soon)

Soon to come downloads:

Hit the Oxide! 1984
Screaming at Deaf Ears 1984(First time ever uploaded on Internet)


  1. will be nice to hear Screaming at Deaf Ears when ever you get it posted

  2. Hey Ruben
    Thanks for putting these up. I was the bass player in STTS/Atrox and it's great to see these demos finally available for download complete with covers. If anyone wants to hear the 1st Hate That Smile tape it has been blogged by the excellent Terminal Escape

  3. Hey I was an embryonic member of Hate That Smile and Shotaway so don't censor me cos of a middle class conspiracy against me.