Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Famous Imposters

    After the Sub-Zeros split into Societies Vultures and Kulturkampf in 1982, part of Societies Vultures evolved into The Famous Imposters with some new faces. Anth Irwin did the lead guitar and vocal duties, 'Teaser' played second guitar, Tony played bass and Andy Burden played drums. Tony left in 1983 and was replaced by bassist Raf. By 1984, their second guitarist 'Teaser' left, resulting in a 3-piece. Even though they were only down to 3 members, most of their gigs where during that time.

     They founded the Sunderland Bunker, which was a place similar to what Alternative held(a place for like-minded individuals to play music and share ideas), except The Bunker is still open today. It was there that the band met, practiced and played regularly.

     In 1983, The Famous Imposters entered Felling Studios and recorded their debut demo 'Cradle to the Grave'. It had a melodic sound with vulnerable lyrics, but driven politically with personal views on life.

After seeing them play live at the Bunker with The System, Alternative, Flux of Pink Indians, Psycho Faction and Dirt, Trunt of Scrobe records picked up the band and helped them release a split called 'Open your Eyes' with the Dead in 1984.

     In 1985, Raf left the band just before the release of their 12" album titled 'Children of the Revolution'. Raf only managed to play bass for side A. His brother David played bass for side B.

     Unfortunately, The Famous Imposters sadly split not too long after, shortly after they played a solo spot at an open air show in Yorkshire.

"Open your Eyes"

And as I look about me,
I wonder who really cares,
While were so safe and protected,
Theres a world dying out there.

This earth has so much to offer,
It should be a gift to all,
But weve let it be taken from us,
Well nows the time to reclaim
whats ours.

Theres no time for sitting back,
Its up yo us to make the change,
Each of us has got the power,
Realise it, break ignorances reign.

We cant afford to swollow the lies,
The time has come, the time is now,
Look up and think, OPEN YOUR EYES!

"Cradle to the Grave"

From the cradle to the grave, he starts to feel the change
that will add to his oppression, fill him up with depression
through his life and from his birth, they tell him what he's worth.
Tell him what he owes them, even though he never sees them.
Their morals and their lies, fill him up till he cries.
He never seems to do enough no matter how he tries.
From the cradle to the grave.

"Fighting Again"

Dont talk to me of standards,
Dont talk to me of morals,
The same fealing that justifies

Their judgement in my eyes,
A mockery of killing and lies,
The same people that say they condemn
war, then what the hell are they fighting for?

The spread of western knowledge,
Why cant they put it to our advantage,
I dont call their killing machines help,
They just add to their greed and wealth,


Cradle to the Grave demo 1983
Live at Leeds Bierkeller 1983
Open your Eyes 7" 1984
Gateshead Squat Gig 4/29/1984
Children of the Revolution 1985


  1. Thanks for the blog, I have found a lot of good bands to discover! I love the punk and i love the attitude. Thanks again from Spain! If you want to listen my band you can go to I hope you enjoy. Salud y anarquia!!

  2. mi banda favorita famous imposters, mejor que cualquier puta banda de estudio de esos tiempos con una letra sublime

  3. The Famous Imposters had nothing at all to do with Societies Vultures. The Imposters first line up included 3 lads from Hendon: Anth, Don and Dave, and Teasa from Tunstall. All Sunderland lads. Just putting history to rights. Thank you.

    1. Andy Burden-drummer had been in Societies Vultures before Famous Imposters

  4. incredible blog!Famous Imposters are so great!and here I've known lots of fantastic band!I was always interested about anarko english scene and now finally I'm reading ian Glasper's "The day that country die"..but this blog tells more..please keep the blog alive greetings from Italy

  5. Thanks for uploading these lads, classic stuff.