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     Polemic started as Polemic Attack in Fareham in 1980. Crass had saved two of the members from an accident, and Crass's views inspired them to start their own band They never released anything, but recorded three strong demos. Polemic Attack were drummer Teresa Plowright, guitarist Heather 'Toxi' Todd and vocalist Gareth Richards. Even before Polemic Attack, they were named the Living Dead and a bassist named Mick Roberts, but he didn't last long. Once they changed their name to Polemic Attack, they were joined by the brothers Rob Lynch on bass, and Mike Lynch on guitar, who eventually left Polemic to form Tears of Destruction two years later. They played their first show at the Fareham Technical College.

     In 1981, two demos were recorded. The second demo version of "Manipulated Youth' Appeared in 'Bullshit Detector 2'. Sometime in 1981, Rob and Mike Lynch left, forcing Polemic Attack to make Gareth both sing and play guitar. Heather changed to a Synth bass, and Teresa remained on drums and vocals. They shortened their name to Polemic and recorded their 3rd demo in 1982(picture is old, it says Zema on Synth and artwork). Their sound was different from most of what was around since they used a synth bass. Not very many bands had a female drummer either.

     Polemic helped produce the 'Lost Faith' fanzine wihch focused on feminist, anarchist and veggie issues. They also held gigs for bands such as the band after them, Tears of Destruction, to play. Also were the bands Dirt, 11th Commandment, the Mysterons, Subhumans, and Flux of Pink Indians. Polemic also produced the anti-war fanzine 'Black Sunday'. During 1982, both Crass and the Subhumans wanted to release their first single (either Crass Records, or Bluurg tapes. The band were in more favor of the Crass one) but nothing ended up happening, and soon after Heather and Gareth left the band.

     Before they left, they played the infamous Zig Zag squat gig in December of 1982, playing between The Mob and Poison Girls. Terena tried to carry on Polemic with new members Caroline, Rich and once again Rob and Mike Lynch. However, the band found itself pulling in different directions, and Polemic split while it was still ahead.

Any lyrics would be greatly appreciated. Please post them in the comments if you have any.


First demo 1981?
Second demo 1981
Third demo 1982
Live at the Zig Zag Squat Gig 1982
Noise From Nowhere Compilation Tracks Live


  1. Polemic Attack

    Mike Lynch
    Rob Lynch

    Teresa plowrigt
    & Gareth Richards decide to leave Polemic Attack, a crass moment.
    Heather Todd was never on Bullshit2

  2. Reference the comment above, Heather Todd was never in Polemic attack.

  3. Crass puppets listen & learn

    1. heather todd is toxic

    2. yes thats right, the todd was just nether in polemic attack and pretends she was anythings else but the living dead, nice pictures,

  4. i remember them,we had put together a large squat in bournemouth and eventually housed 75 folks including families lookin for a home at the time but havin the usual wait and beuro crap, very good band if i remember rightly. i do find it funny when you get these people callin others crass puppets,wether you like it or not crass opened up a lot of minds mine included at 14 and i still question everything still to this day and thats mainly due to discovering them and there ethos.......mostly just sour grapes from ex oi types and oh i grew out of all that...hmmmmm. would love a copy of the nukiller track demo oif anyone has one?

  5. Please, tell me what's title of last song from Zig Zag Squat Gig ?

  6. Great band.. sad to read some of the acrimony that seems to stem from ex-band members?, polemic often gigged with tears of destruction.. thought they all got along.
    The "2nd demo" was just tacked on to the "Another little slogan" tape, there was just 1 Polemic Attack demo tape and 1 Polemic demo as I recall anyway
    Polemic were still doing gigs through 1984..the aforementioned squat gig in Bournemouth was one, and they supported crucifix in Southampton early in '84.. but not sure who was still in the band by then though.. gareth was very involved in animal lib stuff- went to prison for it but his life took a dramatic change and last heard was working for Chase Manhatten.. maybe why nothing at this point will get rereleased?
    prefer not to be reminded of the past

  7. i very much doubt any ex members would have anything bad to say. i played guitar for tears of destruction , we allways got on well,thought they were a great band. rob and mike left on good terms as far as i know. ha gareth never went to prison, terena and rob lynch did have a lot of trouble for raiding an animal lab with some hardcore a.l.f people tho. good band, should have left a single behind.

  8. hi, cheers for the update- i stand corrected, i was told by acouple of friends gareth had some involvement in that 'activity' at Wickham in the mid 80s but perhaps it was some of the others. I was wondering if they all get along why there isnt a polemic demo's lp at the moment as i know some of them have been approached about it and have refused the offer.. perhaps there may have been some slight issues between different people in the band and who recorded what etc .. i'm not sure.
    i do know they started as Polemic Attack in Feb'81 with; gareth, toxi/heather, terena, rob, and mike, did the ''another little slogan'' tape then split- i think some of the original line up went on to your band T.O.D., then Polemic restarted as a 3 piece in 1982 with gareth, toxi, terena and did that great demo with the synth and were offered a single by Crass after they played the Moonlight club in London but they decided to split up again in 1983. Polemic #3 reappeared to do afew gigs during 1984 i'm not sure who was still in them by then