Thursday, May 5, 2011

Metro Youth

     Local teenager band Metro Youth began In 1979 with Andy Southard - drums, Nigel Stopard - vocals, Tim Lyddon - guitar, and Rich Cross - bass/vocals from Exeter's Hele's School (the name came from the idea of getting a band logo based on symbols from underground train networks in London). Before Metro Youth, Nigel and Rich were in a band called XlR8. Once in Metro Youth, they practiced at the Exeter Friends' Meeting House on Friday nights(once the place was empty)after they left their original practice spot due to neighbor complaints. They played their first gig at the Methodist Church Hall in St Thomas, Exeter, August, 1979. They were committed to Youth C.N.D. and the ideals of anarcho-pacifism.

     Metro Youth also began a fanzine called 'Catalyst'. After seeing them support The Bodysnatchers at Exeter's St. George's Hall in October 1980(a place Rich would book Crass to play in the future) Heather 'Heff' Dead joined the band as saxophonist and additional vocalist. When she joined, she had already started a relationship with Rich. Sometime around the beginning of 1981, Metro Youth recorded several songs at their practice place at Catharsis Studios onto a basic four-track reel-ro-reel recorder.

      It was called 'Brutalised' and a copy was sent to Crass which led to the song 'Brutalised' appearing in Bullshit Detector 2. After the recording, the band recruited second guitarist, Brian Abbott from Airport Delay. Sadly, Metro Youth split soon after playing 2 gigs supporting Tenpole Tudor at Portsmouth, and at St. George's Hall.The band several shows among the D.I.Y. exeter scene, but began to become inactive due to three of the members becoming more and more busy with their studies at Universities. After a long pause, Rich decided to restart the band as Sanction during the end of 1982.

bassist/vovalist Rich Cross.

Lyrics:If anyone has any please post them in the comments, I haven't had the time to really listen to the tracks and figure them out.


Another Youth dies it's not surprising
it's hardly worth analysing
it's last one the news, both sides losing
It's hardly worth passive viewing
a terrorist gone? or was it a solider?
land mine? bomb? oh just turn over
a terrorist gone? or was it a soldier?
a land mine BRUTALISED oh, just turn over

brutalised it's happened too many times
brutalised there's too much on my mind
brutalised i can't be the one to blame
brutalised all this killing sounds too much the same

rebels abroad it's guns they're hoarding
funny how murder can be so boring
message of doom war clouds looming
funny how murder can be so time consuming
the police are killing, or are they the dead?
it's too far away to recall what was said
police are killing or are the the dead?
it's too far away BRUTALISED to recall what
was said.

"Red Rifles"

Street fighter
tie in with a gun.
thinking a street war
can be won.
The blood it spilt
it's not his own.
Trying to change the world

people ??? they sacrifice their problems
The end doesn't justify the means
we got to find a new way
we got to find a better way

'Cos if we don't act soon
it'll be too late!


Death fills the gutter.
No pride no pity.
Their victims 
of their own misery.
Nothing ever changes
but a new authority.
Kept in power
by their breath.

People ???? they sacrifice their problems
The end doesn't justify the means
we got to find a new way
we got to find a better way
'Cos if we wont act soon
it'll be too late!


Brutalised 1981(Only have two songs. I was supposed to receive their demo in the mail but it never came)

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