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Shock the System

          In July of 1982, drummer/vocalist Alex Alex Vann(ex-Chaotic Disorder), guitarist/vocalist Dave Redfern and bassist Alex Russell helped form Shock the System. Later on, Andy Gouldson replaced one of them. In late 1982, Bryan Brown from Manic stepped to front the band, and Paul Simmons from Screaming Disorder also joined in on second guitar. Shock the System played their first gig at the Hardye's Boys School that they all attended at the time.

     On July 14th, 1983, Shock the System recorded their only demo title 'The Last Breathe for Humanity', using their school's four-track recorder. It made the most sales when they played with Anthrax, Naked and Mad are Sane. They also held a beach party with Omega Tribe, but the police stopped it half way. Unfortunately, Shock the System then played their final gig on Friday 21st October, 1983, at Bournenmouth's Chrsitchurch Regent Centre, with Self Abuse, Idiom Tribe, and Admass. Soon after this, the band lost some of its members but gained new ones, thus killing the name Sock the System, letting them evolve into Atrox.

'Religious Rejection'

The church is kind the church is good
I'm an Anglican because I know I should
I know the lord condones my sins
and convokes us at the ending ...... Nihilist.

A new concept for the lord
A war here and there because he's bored
He loves his children until the end
but if you Disobey he'll drive you round
the bend

You morals are rubbish lies
I realize as I open my eyes
You copulate up in the sky
The coming of religion is blown sky high

Vietnam war in '68
Religion tried to help but came too late
Just another life for you to consort
You play with it in your holy court.

Today religion is dogma; why?
'cos there great authority says; that's why
but I've found freedom behind the door
I won't take your morals any more.

'Last Flight of the Phoenix'

The revelation of '45 is flowing through
my brain
The screaming children, burning red are
running once again
The sun is cold and the rain is hot and
the snow will never come
and the last breathe for humanity has
only just begun.

(c) The fire bird has exploded and the clouds
will start to boil
The dogma of the repugnant life is dying
with us all.

The apocalypse has finally dawned and the
blood runs deep in the street
There are thousands chanting "sorry God"
and bowing at his feet
The love of many people has finally been
kicked down
And the Resurrection of mother Earth will
never ever come.

Your God has thrown your Earth away and
left your ruins in space
There's no more jesus for his toy there's no more human race
The love of many is burning yet the memory's
still intact,
the Gods of many a different race are
planning to attack.
There's a glowing up upon the hill
that's waiting to claim the deaths of many

'Army Song'

Join the army get a gun
Join the army have some fun
Join the army get a gun
Join the army kill someone......

(c) Fight, kill, crush and maim
Gotta do all that my sergeant says......
I'm gonna kill you

Join the army its kill or be killed
Join the army and fight away
Gotta kill someone today
I'm gonna kill you

Look back to '45 Hiroshima in the war
Look to '84 this time they'll bomb us all
They'll do it again
Shower us in deadly rain

'Today and Life'

Look around the world today, What the hell
do you see?
Do you see countries in a mess? The other
ones are doing well
All the governments are the same, full of
lies and deceit
Think about the third world, what the hell
do they eat?

(c) Today and life-The nuclear dream
Today and life-Starvation
Today and life-Can't take it any more
Today and life-Is getting me down

Read the papers everyday, all I see is
death, horror rate
What kind of world have we got left where
nuclear war is out fate?
There's starvation in the third world the
Cambodians have to be fed
But what's the point in nuclear war, soon
the whole world will be dead

'Picture on the Wall'

There's a picture on the wall in front of
me ain't
It's a nightmare of my history
The picture's of the monarch well
that sweet
I bet she wants me on my knees begging at
her feet.

Just take it away before I'm sick
That upper class moron who says we're
The insubstantial morals of the government
Have a quarrel with a nation and the wars

It wants to know my thoughts and say it's
won, but let's stick together and act as
A shock to the system is what we'll be.
We'll put an end to their authority.

'Total Blackout'

The blackout's coming, It's coming to you
There's no alternative left for you
Your life is ending and It's ending now
And no one really knows quite how.

(c) First there's a roar/bang
Then there's a flash
Like two bolts of lightning
In a head on clash

Some of you might like to get high
Until there's no more room left for you to die
There's no more life left to preserve
You're like a test animal in a reserve.

What's the point of life? Have you found a key?
There's no point left except anarchy
It may sound daft but it's very near
And soon it will become very clear.

'Chinese Rock' (Thunders/Ramone/Hell)

Somebody called me on the phone
Said hey is Dee Dee home?
You wanna take a walk, you wanna go cop
you wanna go get some chinese rock

(c) I'm living on a chinese rock
All my best things are in hock
I'm livin on a chinese rock
Everything is in the pawn shop

The plaster falling off the wall
My girlfriend crying in the shower stall
Its not as a bitch, I should've been rich
But I'm just digging a Chinese ditch

'Banned Again'

That's right you've got a band
But what about the noise
Disturbing all the babies
and neighbors it'll annoy
It's not that we are mean
It's what you're all about
All you say is anarchy
and thump and bash and shout.

(c) Sorry son you can't play here
Come again try next year
Wherever we got it's just the same
"Don't want punks" is what they say.

We can't have you in the boys brigade
The bogs keep getting smashed
And as for all the sinks
kids smoking leb and hash
It's not that we are mean
All you say is anarchy
and thump and bash and shout.

The band is ripping, falling apart
That was obvious right from the start
You'll never get anywhere, not with that
You say you will but tell me how?

'Obnoxious Governing'

Help me help me, Can't you see
The system's chaining and binding me
Abdicate the monarch's rule
We suffer from hypocritical fools.

I have friends that I want to keep
I don't want them in radio-active heat
The government's the same as me and you
So why obey them like you do?

Obnoxious governing-Hypocritical folls
Obnoxious governing-We don't have to
take their rules
Democracy's a baby, you've hear it all
Too late, Autonomy's a baby that'll
overthrow the state;
There's nothing left but the system.

'Gathering of the Clans'

The subversive holocaust's just begun
The battle's started and must be won
Don't be fooled by what they say, the
scheming parasites will kill the day.

(c) It's th gathering of the clans
Who'll end the turmoil of this land
Pacifists we need you too
To rid the scum that feed of you.

Left wing, right wing, always talks,
war debates, the gang plank walk......
Skinheads or punks, to them the same
stop the pirates, fight their game.

War on the corner death on the street
God's chosen people down on theirk nees
No Harry holocaust in the sky
No more war, no reason why.

Soon to come downloads:

Last Breathe for Humanity 1983.
Side 1(Studio)
Side 2(Live)

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