Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chimp Eats Banana

     The bizarre Chimp Eats Banana from Burnley started sometime around the late seventies by accident. The band's name was actually used as a joke that they wrote down on a list for bands at a musicians collective, but when they called them back for a gig, they got surprised and decided to actually start the band. the name came from Midge's hair, which looked like a bunch of bananas. Overtime, the band went through several members such as Midge, Dan, Khany, Pete, Tomi, Gilly and Allan Whalley. The main members of the band became Dan, Allan and Midge and they played nothing but local gigs compromising of comedic, folkish punk tunes.

     In 1980, the band went into a studio to record their one and only demo. Several other much more personal tapes were recorded, but never released. Soon after, the band dissolved sometime around 1981. Next, Dan, Allan, and Midge joined with several other bands including the Passion Killers to form Chumbawamba.

It would be kind of childish to put down their lyrics. However, if I knew them I still would. The only song that actually seems to talk about something important is the one about the gunpowder plot.

Soon to come downloads:

Demo 1980


  1. I took those photos - Tom

  2. the whole thing was a joke. that's why the lyrics were meaningless

  3. I used to have a copy of this, and I'm sure there was a poem of sorts about Ploppy, who sits up all night to protect his drum kit from a bad man. Or have I just lost the plot? - Neil

    1. You are right Neil, there was such a poem... in fact there were two. One was on the Notsensibles album Instant Classics, the other on the extremely rare Chimp Eats Banana's 'The Cardboard Box'. I can't remember which came first. Ploppy was the Notsensibles drummer. Chimp Eats Banana, also from Burnley, of course eventually evolved into Chumbawamba.

  4. Well I took l it very seriously.