Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Magits

     Around 1977, four school friends decided to become a part of the 'anti-fashion' and 'individual' punk movement that was starting to bloom(even though they already saw it as getting 'killed' during 1978 by the media) by starting a band called Magit Turds. The band included Martin 'Drooper' Cooper on vocals, Alex Hawkes, Jon Greville and Nicholas John Blinko on synthesizers and artwork. The band would later change their name to simply The Magits. Rehearsals were held at Jon's parents' place, but the band used really weird instruments instead of guitars,bass and drums. Unfortunately, Jon  Greville left the band, which led to most of the music being made by Martin and Nicholas, and rarely ever by Alex.

     In 1979, the band released their one and only record titled the 'Fully Coherent' E.P, released on Nicholas' own label called Outer Himalayan Records, which featured four really short, really bizarre songs picked from several others from two different recording studios about human life such as how we waste it by working our tiring jobs, and how we try to escape reality to get it off our minds. The band members actually don't remember if they ever played a gig, but they were supposed to play a gig with Adam and The Ants which never materialized, and a second single was recorded the following year called 'A Pawn in the Game' with Alex helping out this time, but it was never released  for unknown reasons and Alex left afterwards. Nicholas went on to briefly play in the S-Haters, and Jon joined the Soft drinks for a only a short while. Now, what is something hardly anyone knows about this band? Sometime during the beginning of 1980, the remaining members Jon Greville and Nicholas(now known as Nick Blinko) joined together again and formed Rudimentary Peni.


Monday is a square box,
unfortunately locked.

Tuesday follows Wednesday,
already am I lost?

Communication crises
converse with me.

I will not conform.
Fragment reality.


We are overqualified
to see right through the vacuum
with our X-ray eyes.

Don't defy authority
when you have the energy.








Blitzkrieg Zugzwang.
Be careful not to shout.

Hiding from reality
is not a good way out.


Avante Guarde.
Avante guarde.
Avante guarde.
Avante guarde.

We stop at destruction.
My body is a mess.
Rebuild in the factory
with minimum distress.

Soon to come downloads:

Fully Coherent 1979 Outer Himalayan
A Pawn in the game(sadly, I don't have this)


  1. No more jerkin off with rusty old razorblades for me! Surely I've learned my lesson this time around...

  2. I love The Magits so fucking much. I wish I knew the lyrics for "A Pawn In The Game" too.