Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anarka and Poppy

     Anarka and Poppy began in 1981 as a guitar/vocal duo(jane and Sean) as Nihilistic Insurrection and later joined by Stoko on drums(who replaced Neil in '82). They were also known as P.O.P.P.I.E.S. which stood for the anarchist collective "Prisoners of Pain and Power in every State". They played their first gig only six days after forming with Disorder in Liverpool. At that point they changed their name to Anarka and Poppy(Anarka meaning anarchy and Poppy meaning red in the black/red revolutionary flag).

     The band started their own 'New Birth' label and recorded their 'All that is Shattered' demo in 1982 at Twilight Studio in Salford and sold it at gigs. By this time they had three additional members(Shaun Ellis on keyboards,Yoh on bass and Christine on tambourine and backing vocals). In 1983, They recorded the "Take it for Life"(recorded straight onto a four-track)tape released by Happy Apple Tapes.

     In 1984, after getting in contact with Josef Porta of the Mob, Anarka and Poppy where given the chance to record an E.P. for All The Madmen, or so they thought. They recorded three tracks(their best work) but in the end All The Madmen changed hands(or had financial difficulties) and the single was lost and never released. The Spiderleg label was also talked to for putting the single out, but nothing came out of it also. Disillusioned by the failure to release the single and other factors, Anarka and Poppy split in 1984. In 1985, Anarka and Poppy renamed their label Happy Apple tapes and reformed as a six piece with Sean(guitar),Jane(vocals), Neil(drums), Paul(bass), Shaun(synthesizer) and Christine(tambourine)  to record a second demo in April of 1985, but they split again for good before it could be recorded.

     There is a rumor that they are going to reform and finally release the E.P. that was supposed to get put out on All The Madmen, but it is only a rumor.

"If It Dies we Die"

It's an easy lifestyle they say but you don't experience others pain,
we're all exploited we're all in chains, do you think that they're not watching you you are in range.

There's only one earth and we're all on it, we all inhabit it we are part of it.

If it dies, we die...

You know our world is dying, that means us too, we're dying every day, they're killing me and you.

If it dies, we die...

You have the potential to at least shout, for the home that is so dear, do you really care?
Whatever happens to this earth affects you, so let's keep our world in safe hands and keep the sky blue.

If it dies, we die...

For your children and your children's children give them many years to come,
let them see the natural earth instead of something made by man.

If it dies, we die...


All that is Shattered cassette 1982
Live 20/8/83 Liverpool
Live 23/8/83 Manchester
Unreleased E.P. 1984

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