Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Look Mummy Clowns


     Even though the Eratics were finished, the remaining members wanted to continue. in early 1982, They recruited Dan McIntyre from The Apostles on drums and renamed themselves as Look Mummy Clowns. Now that Bondage had been replaced with a better the drummer, their sound completely changed and they ended up sounding really different from all the other bands.

     They played their first gig with Lack of Knowledge. They would continue on to record a live demo and gig with several bands including Hagar the Womb, Urban Decay, Blood and Roses and Flowers in the Dustbin.

     Connections with a guy named "jumpy" that was an old Eratics fan who also liked the Clowns, gave them a chance to come out around Italy and play. While they were there, they recorded the 'Bardbuster" 7" on Toto Records, an offshoot of Jumpy's Attack label.

Guitarist Snout
     Unfortunately, trouble came at their last gig at New Merlin's Cave, Islington, June 11th, 1985. Roper and Stringy had fallout over a worthless argument which led to Roper storming out of the place. The band was going to play without him, but decided not too, and split due to The Eratics history happening all over again but with Roper this time.

      Stringy, Snout and Roper eventually got back together, but as a different band called Peckinpah. They have remained musically active to this day.

No lyrics. Of anyone knows any post them in the comments!


Live Pied Bull 17-1-83
Live in Bologna split tape with Liberation Life(Italy) 8/9/1983
Bardbuster 7"
Unknown Studio Demo (two tracks)

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