Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Snipers

   The Snipers formed in late 1979 in Oxfordshire. The band compromised of Russel Bowers on vocals, Dave 'Bungi' Hounslow on guitar, Steve 'Wacker' Harris on bass and Mark Taplin on drums. They were inspired by Crass to start a band, even though none of them could play and none of them had any equipment(what they did find was crap, such as a Colombus bass, homemade guitar, half a drum set and a 15 watt practice amp). They were going to originaly be called The Sinyx, but changed it to The Snipers upon finding out that it had already been taked. Early practices were done at Russel's parents garage.

     It took at least ten months of writing songs and practicing before they played their first gig at a Christmas party in the Victory Hut, a community centre from Brize Norton(a leftover hut from World War II). The Snipers then recorded their first demo in Bourten, Gloucestershire possible around 1980. They shared it with their friends and sent one to Crass. Crass pulled their track 'War Song' for Bullshit Detector 1. A second Demo was recorded, three of those tracks ended up on their 1981 7" 'Three Piece Suite' for Crass Records, and the other three on a compilation they were to release later on during 1982.

     The 'Spirit of an Old Age Anthem' tape was released in 1982, and was the last thing the band released. They played their last gig at the Wapping Anarchy Centre with Failing Parachutes in support, a band that is included in their compilation tape. Mark eventually moved to Telford, and this led to the band becoming less active, and ultimately, their demise. They had no interest in replacing Mark, since the band was made out of friendship.

The following song 'Hate' I have no idea where it came from.


Some people seem so full of hate/But they'de better learn before its too late/They 
need escapes to take their blame/Can't make out that they've been tamed (Chorus) It 

never did no-one no good/But you thought that it would/Hate breeds hate/That's a fact/
It all mounts up until impact/ Anxious minds don't see straight/blind rage, its a
human trait/ Gotta take it out on some pooe sod/ Politician, Paki or maybe God//(CH)//
Hate don't answer noones whys/Just stirs up trouble and spreads lies/Hate for you
and hate for them/Hate for the whole system////

"Parents of God"

Gimme Religion
Die like Christ
Go to church
Pray for forgiveness
Eat the bread
Drink the wine
Commit no evil
Repent ye sinner
OR live in hell

"Nothing New"

I see so many words
predicting gloom now,
posters on the walls
around my room now,
every time around
the stakes get higher
who's to take the blame
but there's no buyer
I know what you're thinking
when your looking at my eyes
I know what your thinking
When your telling me your lies
I see so many words
predicting gloom now
posters on the wall
around my room now
it wasn't like this when
you captured my mind
the threat seemed so distant
I must have been blind
I see so many words
predicting gloom now
posters on the walls
around my room now
enjoy what you got
while you can
it's all sewn up
says the media man.

'3, Piece"

Mixed up kids
they just dont care,
don't like your clothes
or the color of your hair,
wont give you none
of their precious time,
but let them screw
their won lives, not mine.
jobs for the boys
we've got no choice
you try your best
but they drown your voice,
you scratch their backs
and they'll stab yours
they don't give a damn
those 3 piece bored.
they stroll around
in their pinstripe shit
only in it for what they can get
you're out of place
'cos your aims aint the same
still playing their sam
old money game.


1st demo 1980?
Bullshit Detector 1 track 1980
Three Piece Suit 7" 1981
Spirit of an old Age Anthem cassette 1982

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