Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who is The Enemy? An Anti War Protest(tapes 1 and 2) Wheatabrain-5

     These two tapes from the 80's, with no info other than the track list and title, include a lot of rare tracks from the Anarcho Punk scene that have never been uploaded on the internet before. Included are two old, very rare songs by The Commitee that sound more like their older stuff such as 'Ring the Bell' from the Overground compilation(might possibly be from that same demo). Old demo songs by Political Asylum and the Instigators, also tracks by Sanction, Toxic Shock and two live tracks by Andy T from an unknown date and place. There are also some bands on here that I have never heard of before. Unfortunately, some of the tracks and band names look smudged and are hard to read, but I'll try my best to spell them out. If you have any info on these tapes(corrections on smudges), please post in the comments. I just realized that Wheatabrain was the name of one of the guitarist/vocalists from Alternative.

Tape 1: The Songs

1. Who's The Enemy?/Instigators
2. I wont Fight Your Wars/Passion Killers
3. Ignorance/Wartoys
4. Winter of Discontent/Political Asylum
5. This Enemy, This Threat/Rodney Relax(from Alternative)
6. Another Subversive Peace Song/Alternative
7. Plastic Bullets/Sanction
8. What do you say/Edible
9. If it Dies, We Die/Anarka + Poppy
10. Ban the Bomb/No Class
11. Phallic Metallic/Andy T.
12. Disarm or Die/Direct Action(I checked it, this is not Political Asylum)
13. Our Song/The Abuse
14. Who's War not Ours/Direct Action
15. Edwailun smas(?Song Title Smudged)/The Committee
16. A statement/Yr Anhrefn
17. Mutual Fear/Dougie Mkl
18. Tears of Blood/Reality Control

Pain Knows No Boundaries

Tape 2: The Songs

1. The Slaughter-Political Asylum
2. Agression-Instigators
3. Till Death, Do you Part/Rodney Relax-from Alternative)
4. P.O.P.P.I.E.S.-Anarka + Poppy
5. Real Men-The Committee
6. Unknown Soldier/Sanction
7. Man's Life-Andy T.
8. Big Man's Technology-Wartoys
9. Protest + Survive- No Class
10. The biggest Con trick of all-Friction(?Smudged)
11. Sell Up Shop-Edible
12. Join the Professionals-Friction
13. Resistance-Toxic Shock(fronted by Heff. Formed after leaving Sanction)
14. Stepping on the Nuclear Dead-Toxic Shock(fronted by Heff. Formed after leaving Sanction)
15. Fight for no man-The Abuse
16. War-The Acceptance of Reality-Blood Robots
17. Mindfuck-Blood Robots
18. Army-Society's Victims
19. Rising Sun-Society's Victims
20. Fruits Of The Earth Shall Be Ensured By All-Dougie Mal(?Band Name Smudged)
21. Why?-Passion Killers
22. Outro spoken track by Rodney Relax

Love or Hate, The Choice is yours


Tape 1
Tape 2


  1. i heard about thease's tape's before nie to finaly hear them lots of stuff ive never heard before many thanks

  2. would there be any possibility of a re-upload of these cassettes please as the pages no longer to load. Thanks in advance