Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Six Minute War

     Six Minute War was a band from Hackney, London. They were a breathe of fresh air with very good, original music. They were known to share the stage with The Sinyx and Flux of Pink Indians. They were very D.I.Y. and produced three E.P.'s with the smallest budget possible by using A4 paper instead of a record sleeve. They had a slogan that read: " D.I.Y.not E.M.I.

     Their first E.P. titled " 33.3 RPM" was recorded on February 1st, 1980, at theOZ Studio. It was released during April of that same year. There are two version of this. One was released on the Six Minute War label, and the other one was not and has different inserts. The band financed the record themselves with the "Pay no more than" attitude.

     In 1980, a split cassette was released between Pitfall and Six Minute Warning. They also appeared in two fanzines, one being "No More Than".

     After the first E.P. a second one was recorded during July of 1980. The song "Nurses" was recorded on July 12th, and the rest on July 20th. It was called "More Short Songs". It was recorded in the same studio. The line up throughout the bands life was Egg on vocals and bass, Dog on bass and vocals, Chaz on guitar and vocals and Dave on drums.

     One final E.P. was released in 1981 called "Slightly Longer Songs". One of the weirdest things about this band is that they were against Crass's anarchist views.

     The band had political lyrics, but they did not believe that an anarchist society would work because of man's natural want of power and always wanting more. They spoke against Crass in fanzines and in their songs. Shortly after this E.P. Six Minute War turned into Fallout. Crass once scolded Flux of Pink Indians for playing with six Minute War. Take it from these men, "Anarchy's a Farce!".


So you want anarchy, anarchy's your way, but who in the long run will have to pay. you like to call it freedom to do what you want, freedom to shoot a bloke if you think - wrong. Anarchy - freedom? anarchy's a farce. you don't pay for anarchy it's the working class. destroy the power of wealth and replace it with strength, power for the strong instead of the rich. social disorder, no rules to be broken, when you've got social disorder, life ain’t such a burden...

"Strontium 90"

went to Harrisburg for my holiday, Pennsylvania USA, saw a nuclear reactor like we have at home another fast breeding Chinese Syndrome. Scientists said it was fine, but on the 28th of march 1979 the cooling pump failed and it all went wrong; and three mile island became a bomb. Radioactive gasses escaped into the air, but nobody bothered, nobody cared. are you worried, do you share my fear that Harrisburg could happen here?


when you go on strike you hold the country to ransom, it's again - the national interest, but the boss's always hold the workers to ransom cause when you go on strike its against their business interest. So they call in the troops, army scabs are number one, call in the troops when your only weapons gone. They call in the troops, army scabs will do your jobs, they'll soon get things done for a few extra bob. maximize on profit that's all they want to do, exploit the working class and that means you. but you won't question their dominant position, you don't care about the slums that people live in. You can't see the wood for trees, everything you're told you believe Yes they've got you eating out the palms of their hands, it may be salt now, but soon it will be sand...


civilization, we've reached it at last, millions of people wiped out with a blast they don't care if we don't believe, they've got a place in the shelter, got the ace up their sleeve. progress must be achieved. then people of the world have been deceived. They take the gamble, death is the price, they've got a place in the shelter, they're alright, a neutron bomb, what a device, to protect us from communism and keep us free. leaves all the buildings, kills you and me, so they're able to develop a new economy...


he got caught on his first attempt, second time he was innocent, but the copper was bent. If ever there was a scandal, robbery or vice, he had done it once so he must have done it twice. He was labeled deviant by the people on the street, labeled deviant by the copper on the beat. He couldn't get a job he had a bad reputation, he was labeled yob, social castration. He soon came round to their idea of him, labeled deviant, another life in the bin. So don't tell me that they are all the same-don't tell me their parents are to blame, exploitation and murder, starting at school, this system is the biggest criminal...


It's written in their rules to put missiles before hospitals. Generals before doctors, soldiers before porters, mercenaries before maternity grants, bullets before heart transplants. Nerve gas before inoculation, who cares about the starving nations? Trench blood before sterile clean, tanks before kidney machines. Nuclear power is what we need, let the bloody peasants bleed, start another wages freeze, bring the country to its knees, use another media trick, forget about the old, forget about the sick. Bring back hanging, bring back the cane, let's make Britain great again. (?)

"Youth Culture"

Create a youth culture with the help of the media, classify it, put it in a box. Destroy its meaning to create another fashion, take away its feeling, take away it's action, Classify our ideas, that's how you make your money, more young ideas destroyed by capitalist economy. You create Mods and Rockers and put them to war when they don't even know what they’re fighting for. You believe your way is right, and you're prepared to fight, can't you see that's what they want you to do, shave your head and they'll classify you. So don't take part in the next fashion, say what you feel and take some action.

"Protect & Survive"

Turned on the T.V. to see a drama, all that was on was Panorama, told you how to stay alive, something about protect and survive. Worrying facts I began to hear, but the final message was pretty clear, our governments so out of touch - say shelter buildings cost too much Take two doors and nail them to the wall, cover them with earth, and get food for all, crawl inside and wait 14 days, listen to the radio and don't forget to pray.. Will this fighting ever cease, all I ever wanted was peace.

"So Sad"

Maggie are you going? Is your son? Would your daughter? Would you go to the front line, would you pull the trigger? You feed us so much shit, but we won't eat it, you treat me like a whore but I wont fight your war.

"Sell Out"

Just cause you sold out, I don't have to sell out too. Just cause you're the system I don't have to follow suit. Just cause you say punk is dead, now you've made your fortune - CBS, Small Wonder is there any difference. We want music for everyone, what is wrong with that? Because we want to change the system you try to say it's crap. Cause the system gave you money, you don't hate it any more. Well punk must be dead cause you're not bored and you're not poor. You've got a 5-Star flat in Chelsea, you've forgotten what its like. You're divorced from reality, but you don't care any more, because the systems sucked you in.

"The Weathermen"

The weathermen are coming over the rise, can you see the manic gleam in their eyes. Youth Movement One, sure is fun 1969 and it's just begun. Sirhan Sirhan and the Moscow Gang in March Greenwich Village went up with a bang. Bernadette Dohrn, loves the Viet Cong. "Dig It" – "Wild" The Weathermen's Song. You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows... They went underground and couldn't be found. Up went the workshop, dig that sound. Having Wargasms 'till the wind died out. Compulsive violence is what they did shout and – You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

"Kung Fu Killers"

Build another Church build another Social Club build another slaughterhouse or another Country Pub. Fairy Liquid, kind to hands, building up the soap suds. Ariel washes whiter, but that can't hide the blood and guts, but Ariel's the best these days, but even that can't wash away the blood. They pin their hopes on whitewash, but that can't disguise the murdered. Red, White and Blue - that does the trick. Again they hide behind the flag, killing in God's name really can't be that bad. So build another place to pray, another place to run away, killing seems to be OK when it's done in God's name.

"Last Drop"

The days of the rope are coming back. One hour twitching with a face turned black, strong men weep – the keepers of the law. See a last meal all over the floor. Pierrepoint's sacred realm – at the depths of Hell. It was he who faced them last. Crying in the death cell. Their misdeeds now to be punished. Hanging by the neck, but the killing of one man will never bring another one back as the eyes bulge out of his head and the twitching fades away Another corpse hangs dead and the hypocrites pray. They pray for a world peace and they pray for a world without crime. Yet they still kill thousands in their aimless wars and get away with it every time. As guts and blood pour over the land, as banners fly and hymns are sung. The victors take justice swiftly to hand and so-called criminals are hung, but if they murder for God and Country or kill in a bank robbery they are one and the same to me. One and the same to me. Some talk of the rope's return, some people never learn, but if the rope will quench their righteous thirst I know who should be hung first.


Live in Cassandra, London 1980 Split Tape with Pitfall 1980
33.3 RPM E.P. 1980
More Short Songs 1980
Slightly Longer Songs 1980


  1. fucking loved these guys!

  2. Six Minute War from Raynes Park not Hackney

  3. The band they became - Fallout - produced some of the finest angry heavy tuneful political punk songs on the albums Home Killed Meat and Butchery. Still a fan. Rob

  4. The lyrics in camera are so childish and ignorant... I think they didn´t read nothing about anarchism. Marx would be proud of them.

    1. You are right, we never read anything about anarchism although Rob and Charlie went to visit Penny Rimbaud at the Crass commune once if that helps the credibility in any way.... as for Marx being proud, always been a big fan of the film Duck Soup, so that's fine by me.

  5. Happy Daze my neighbour Hilly bought 33 1/3 I loved the song strotium 90 in was in DIY band void Bob maghull Liverpool

  6. This band was as important as The Clash to me.