Monday, June 13, 2011

Slaughter of the Innocent

     After Swiss Grand Prix Winner Hans Ruesch wrote the book 'Slaughter of the Innocent' about animal rights in the late 70's, three inspired animal rights activists started band with that same name. The band consisted of Sue on bass, Tiff on drums, Steve on guitar and Melita joining on lead vocals by the end of 1986. The bands members were inspired by the first wave of punk in the late seventies, but it was the 'Anarcho' scene of the early 80's that led to an even greater inspiration driven politically. Slaughter of the Innocent played their first gig in 1986. By the end, they only did 20 gigs.

     The first song they ever wrote was called 'Bloodlust Scum'. Once Melita joined, the content of their lyrics increased in quality. One month after their first show, the band entered a recording studio to record their 'Silent Orders' demo tape. It sold 300 copies, and received a positive review by Mick Mercer in 'Melody Maker'. Some of the topics covered in the lyrics were witches, persecutions of women and the holocaust. Around this time Sue started a fanzine and ran Ray of Hope Distribution. Sue also began joining hunt saboteurs (destroying buildings or stopping operations involved in animal cruelty)

     'Anarcho punk' helped revitalize direct action towards animal cruelty. This led to hunt sabs, which was how the band first met. Most of the members were based from Sussex and had been in bands previous to Slaughter of the Innocent. In the summer of 1987, Steve left the band and was replaced by Matt from the Brighton punk band Why? In the fall, the band entered the studio once again to record tracks ment for a split 12" on Meantime Records and a compilation 7" on Words of Warning Records. Unfortunately, none of the tracks were released because the band broke apart and split in 1988.

     Sue said this about the breakup:" Can't really remember but there was a fair bit of tension and I wanted to move up to London so we called it quits after a couple of years together".

Sue: "Anarcho punk was about challenging the norm, not accepting things the way they were just because that's how it's always been".

I have no lyrics for this band. I have one photo, but wont be able to upload it for a while. You might recognize this band from the track 'A New Dark Age' on the overground compilation.


Silent Orders 1986
Album ment for Meantime Records 1987(After the band split, it was released on cassette)
One track ment for a compilation on Words of Warning Records


  1. heard this band before only heard of em good stuff

  2. Saw them live in Hounslow in 1986. great night

  3. bloody hell didn't think I wod find anything bout the old band on here good to see tho!!!

  4. thanks!!! very underrated
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  5. omg they were brilliant, I used to listen to Melita screaming out her passion for animal rights and love it