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Andy T.

Photo from Al Hicky.
     Andy T. was known for being one of the few anarchist solo artists that was also a poet. Andrew Thorley took the idea of punk that 'anyone can do it' and carried on as a solo performer, regardless of what people thought of him. However, he had a bit of history musically before he was called Andy T.

     In 1977, he formed Reputations In Jeopardy with him doing vocals, Chris on bass, Siobhan on guitar, Jane on drums and later on Chris 'The Joiner' on second guitar.As time went by, the girls left and they had John Mayer from The Buzzcocks play the drums. This was the line-up that recorded the track 'Girls love Popstars' in the first Bullshit Detector album.

     By that time, Andy T decided to continue on his own, so two more of the tracks were of him alone. A fourth tracks was also Andy T. as 'Fuck the CIA'. Now Andy had met Crass and they became interested enough in his style to help him release a single on Crass Records

     During the end of 1982, Andy T. released his 'Weary of the Flesh' single on Crass records and it didn't make it to the charts, but that wasn't the point. There is also a picture inside the sleeve revealing three people wearing animal masks slaughtering each other(Phil Free, Steve Ignorant and Annie Anxiety). Andy managed to then play several gigs with bands such as Crass, The System, Dirt and Flux of pink Indians, and often times those bands drummers would back up Andy while he recited his poetry(he also had these tapes that would play weird sounds).

     There was talk of an L.P. coming out after the single, but it was never finished because sometime around 1983, Andy gave up performing after becoming overwhelmed with idiots in the scene, his kids and working. However, Andy T. began performing recently and still continues to gig today.

"Get That Addict Habit"

While the papers talk of hippies using dope and L.S.D./ There's a far more dangerous
dealer and he's got a P.H.D./ He's writing out prescriptions to cure all kinds of ills
His answer to all life's problems is in a little jar of pills/ His addicted patients
stagger like zombies for another fix/ Doctor death obliges with his little black
bag of tricks/ When the pressure is too great and you just can't seem to cope/
Let the doctor blow your mind cos not only hippies take dope.

"No Freedom In Escapism"

Where's the revolution when you're too stoned to stand/ How do you pose a threat/
To the military plan/ When the mind numbing substance/ Takes a hold on your
activity/ You so called peace is just selfish escapism/ Drowning in apathy/
Show me the freedom you possess/ The freedom to vegetate ...To die/ While
the preparation for war builds up/ You swallow your own lies ..

".... Or Worse:"

Product of their stagnant sex life/ Strangled by their loving touch/ Molded
by their selfish dreams/ Twisted by their lack of trust/ Torn apart by Petty
quarrels/ Forced to choose between their lies/ Craving for their pound of
flesh/ burning hatred in their eyes/ created by their loveless act/ To
satisfy their greedy minds/ Repeating all the part mistakes/ Safely walking
expected lines/ Hiding their natural feelings/ For fear of retribution/
Becoming another faceless corpse/ In the family institution.

"Freshly Skinned"

A hundred bodies wrapped in leather/ A hundred accessories to cold blooded murder
No screams of pain no carcass at your feet/ Just a piece of clothing to
satisfy your needs/ You wear with pride an animals skin/ Warm living flesh
now decent and clean/ Is it so essential when alternatives exist/ Will
your traditional uniform be so badly missed/ Would you wear the skin of a
dead relation?/ Would you carve up the corpse of your own mother/ All
life is equally precious/ But you'd rather see animals suffer/ What makes you
so high and mighty/ That you can kill for the sake of a coat/ How would you feel
if the butchers knife was slicing through your throat?

"And the Bands played on"

People are suffering in silence/ Their plight is being ignored/ They're trapped
in the isolation/ Of their own private war/ The rebels are forgetting the problems/
Too busy searching for farm/ Nursing inflated egos/ And waiting to jump on the train/
There's a war in the high street/ But no one counts the dead/ There's a war in a foreign
land/ Worldwide the hatred spreads/ On the stage the hero stands/ His body
mutilated by war/ next to him the rebel sings/ the same old crap as before/
The business men are building/ Bigger and better bombs/ the world dies before
our eyes/ and the band played on.

"Death is Big Business"

You buy the hit record with a message of piece/ The big record company has
money in the arms trade/ The five big corporations sell money to the world/
Sell weapons to the world/ They make money from the records/ They make money
from the blood/ Thousands slaughtered by company bombs/ Thousands brainwashed
by company lies/ Ask the mercenary who pays his wages/ The big business kills
and they rake in the cash, all our cash/ The pretty picture on the L.P.
sleeve can't hide the smell of blood and guts/ The entrails of a child in the
war/ Read between the lines on the lyric sheet/ The people who buy are just
pieces of meat/ Pieces of meat on a battle field/ Massacre of innocent
people financed by your favorite record label any big big record label you'd
like to chose/ You finance the slaughter with blind unseeing eyes/ You
finance the death willingly with blind unseeing eyes/ Big business kills
your senses murders you with lies... the record company lies!!

"Techno Cock Up"

Got up in the morning on the wrong side of bed/ The four minute warning
still ringing in my head/ A false alarm or so the papers wrote/ The panic
in the city sticks in my throat/ How near did we get to the ultimate end?/
How many suicides and frightened friends?/ How much longer before the next
mistake?/ How much more can the people take?/ The computer screwed up the
fortunate fled/ Far away and left the world for dead/ New technology
governing life and death/ The world waits with batted breath/ Another cock up
they think is real/ is all we need our fate is sealed/ So next time you hear
the four minute warning stay in bed and kiss goodbye to the morning.

"Morbid fascination"

"Someone got run over today just outside the school/ Should've looked where
he was going/ Stupid little fool"/ It's the news on everyone's lips/ The
gory details spread all around/ they wish they could see forever the dead
boy on the ground/ Then one week later it's just a memory/ But not for the
victims loved ones/ They suffer the agony/ The morbid fascination that
brightens up our lives/ disappears until another day/ When the next road
accident dies/ "Standing by the roadside/ Why do you stare?/ Is it the
excitement?/ Or do you really care?

"Weary of The Flesh"

You disguise the truth with pretty names/ A living thing is now a joint of
beef/ You shift the blame but you cant hide/ Your sickly smile your blood
stained teeth/ You are the butcher not the man in the shop/ But you haven't
got the guts to kill your meal/ If you saw the pain it would make you sick/
Just think how the animals feel ... Just think how the animals feel ! !

"Wasted Life"

I'm numbing my senses pumping shit in my veins/ My heads so full of glue/
I ain't left with much brains/ I'm too much of a coward to try and slash my
wrists/ So I kill myself slowly/ getting stoned and pissed/ I can't face
reality in this god awful place/ But I'll end a wasted life with a smile
on my face.

"What about the Old?"

Living in fear of tomorrow/ Another day another lonely life/ Out of touch with the
outside/ Waiting for something waiting to die/ Thinking about being young again/
The same old dream gone stale/ Now all that's left is memories/ As all around turns
pale/ A knock on the door a gang of youths/ Got any money give it here quick/
Can't understand what's going on / A kick in the stomach the world looks sick/ On
the floor hearing no sound/ Slipping away it won't be very long/ Tomorrows
headlines an epitaph/ So that's what it's like to be young.

"Bloody Money"

The board of directors demand a murder/ Attention catching headlines to sell their
papers/ A war, a crisis/ a death in the royal family/ they butter their bread with
someone else's misery/ Behind leather top desks they gloat over pain/ Suicide,
genocide, just more personal gain/ Sordid exitement on the printed page/ Juicy
destruction the readers crave/ Typewriter on overtime as a president dies/
Cos bad news is spelt M.O.N.E.Y.

"Chamber of Horrors"

The rouge on your cheeks is the blood of innocent creatures/ Your mascara is
charred flesh burnt to enhance your features/ Your lipstick is a severed limb
removed by the scientists knife/ Your beauty is the worst kind of ugliness
that destroys an animals life/ In the lab on a marble slab it's epitaph for
all to read/ "I gave my life for your pretty face that you so desperately

"Phallic Metallic"

In his hands he holds his power, his prick, his doomsday machine/ To rape the
flesh of womankind, to burn the flesh of mankind/ The tool of mans sexual
violence, the tool of mans ultimate violence/ domestic war, total war,
domestic destruction, total destruction/ Who's got the biggest bomb? Who's
got the biggest prick? / Who will tear the biggest holes ? Who will inflict
the greatest pain ? / One life ! to live, or to destroy! One earth, One
space, one choice! / A place to cherish, or an eternal grave / It's
about time we made the choice.

"Gold Mines / Cold Mines"

Miners dig deep into the beautiful earth/ Natural rocks and minerals are
plundered for their worth/ In rich men's safes secure and well hidden/
While poor workers mine the wealth they're forbidden / For precious
stones you'd sell your soul/ Your dreams are lined with silver and gold/
But all I crave is a lump of coal/ To light up my life and warm my home/
You treasure possessions and forget the things/ That can never be bought
with bracelets and rings/ Like the air you breathe the ground on which you
walk / the real beauty about which you never talk.

"Blood Stained Glass"

In the high street the Butchers shop window is crammed with meat/ Exposed
flesh hung in horrible rows waiting to be consumed/ Pigs, sheep, cattle
poultry all innocent in their nakedness/ Butchers apron stained with the
of many cruel murders. abattoir death smells stale in the midsummer heat/
So sticky/ Mother chooses the Sunday roast carefully, dinner for the
family/ Cattle in the farmers field know nothing of the racks of leather
the high street boutique with its belts jackets and handbags / Cattle
truck rolls slowly down the country lane so dark and ordinary / Rules
forbid them to drive down country lanes, might frighten the cargo /
Little Susie pushes the steak away she doesn't like the taste/ Eat it up
there are people who would be glad of that says mummy / Little Susie forces
forces the chewy meat down so as to please mummy / In the high street
The butchers shop window is crammed with death/ Dewhurst the master butcher
rubs his greasy palms together with glee/ No blood on his hands no guilt
in his eyes no mercy in his abattoir / Adolf Hitler was a butcher but
dewhurst is the master of the trade / Genuine one hundred percent real fur
perfect for the high class lady/ Products of death in the market place
a traditional slaughter house/ In the interests of hygiene the inspector checks
the bloodbath arena / Pretty packages of corps in the supermarket store,
Tesco, ASDA, Sainsburys / Vietnam memories revived for the family dining
Room, beef from Cambodia . Steak and kidney pie, Kidney disease heart
disease, sinews stretched to cut / Sharp butchers knife swings down to
sever the head of a fattened calf / Christmas turkey on the table, twenty
million every year are slaughtered / Rare steak blood still oozing out
onto the blue willow Chinese patterned plate / In the high street the
butchers shop window is crammed with your morality.


All the other girls at school / Had boyfriends in their life/ But Suzi
never played the part of mother whore and wife/ People didn't want to
know her / They couldn't understand / Why Suzi wasn't interested / In the
life her parents planned / The dolls she never played with / The clothes
she never liked/ Possessions of tradition / Mum and dad considered right /
They took her to the teacher / They took her to the shrink / The social
workers circus / Didn't know what to think / breaking down the Boundaries /
of normal sexuality / Striving only to be free/ But they're questioning her
sanity / Underneath the pressure / She eventually snapped / Desperate to
escape the world / And all it's crap / Suicide, an unhappy end / Society
sheds no tears / No right to choose / only there rules to fear.

"False Friends Flock"

They never visited him in the hospital/ Too busy to show concern / But now he's
a death in the family / The worms quickly turn / Sadness on their plastic
faces / Tears forced from ugly eyes / their conscience forbids them sleep
reminds them of their lies / These vultures flock to pick the bones / To
devour material possessions / Then crawl back under their stones / Till
The next funeral procession..

"Tunnel vision Sect"

It's a terminal addiction, twentieth century affliction / A brainwash machine, a
controllers dream / Family entertainment, portable propaganda / Conversation killer
square eyes never wander / Hidden messages, information seepage / Closed circuit,
technicolor cabbage / State approved, publicity scheme / clever subtle, two way
screen / Religiously watching, whats been allowed / Censorship committee, cater
 for the crows / No subversion, enters a program / Unless ridiculed, put on a
stand / Mass prescribed drug taken with pleasure / Ignorant public drown at their
leisure / Creates greed, with glossy advertising / Like lambs to the slaughter,
Slowly dying / Materialistic lifestyle,devoid of compassion / Money makes
misery, capitalist oppression / Nationwide reception, worldwide division / Cultural
lobotomy, electrical incision / Dull acceptance, no self respect,/ Subconscious
orders, destroy all intellect / Tunnel visionaries, truth can't get through /
Watch the goggle box or is it watching you ?

"Food For thought"

The roast is on the table, It's daddy's turn to carve / Obsessive overheating,
while half the world starve,/ Food is in plentiful supply, so we eat more than
our share / the poor could live on our leftovers, but we don't seem to care /
A large percentage of what we eat, is useless, man made chemicals / White
flour, sugar, sweets and cakes, are poisonous to animals . Mental and psychical
diseases, can be caused by what we consume / Your body needs looking after,
it's mechanism is finely tuned,/ Millions die from malnutrition, in far away
parts of the Earth / While we suffer from ill health, caused by gluttony right
from birth / The world hunger problem, is is created by our selfish existence /
Our overfed minds , refuse to hear the pleas for assistance / As the tiny
starving infant, gasps his last feeble breath / The fat city business man
on his steak he chokes to death.

"Self Crucifixion"

I want to cry real tears / To show my hopes and fears / To let loose my emotions /
Without the bitter taste of guilt / In which this life is built / To let free
my true feelings / to love without chains / o share my inner pain / To
experience real freedom.

"Innocent Threat"

This box has six square sides / I've been here all my life / Staring through
the opening / At the world passing by / I'd like to venture elsewhere / But
I see no point in moving / My food and drink are provided / And the bright
lights are quite soothing / I feel no pain my senses are numbed / What they fail
to understand / Is safely locked away.

"P.C. Plod"

The boys in blue are out again / Getting paid for inflicting pain / Panda car creeps
slowly round / Four men inside make no sound / Another raid is on the cards / Routine
work for Scotland yord / Squatters are the target tonight / they're always good for
a fight / No trouble To bash a few heads / Chief inspector hates the reds / Prejudice
down at the station / Knows nothing of race relations / Black, yellow, red, all the same /
Afraid / Drugs are the best excuse / For the police to blow a fuse / Too spaced out
To try and fight back / Easy pickings for a surprise attack / Mark them with a size
ten boot / Teach them what life's about / If they step outside the law / They'll wish
They'd never been born / radio message livens up the night / a group of blacks have
started a fight / Panda car roars into action / the time is nigh for satisfaction /
Helmets on to protect the face / The black van is on it's way / Six are arrested
thrown in the back / The cells will be full of meat tonight / Let's hope no one knows
their rights / Empty all your pockets lets see what you've got / You look the type
that likes smoking pot / It's been a good night for P.C. plod / He will smash a few
before knocking off / Careful not to bruise their poor little flesh / If the judges
found out it could be a mess / They know it happens but there's no proof / If you fight
the police your bound to lose / They get away with cold bloodied murder / In the name
of law and order / A uniform protects the killer inside / Gives the sadist a place to hide
raid the gay clubs where so called perversion breeds / But never interfere with
middle class needs / Football hooligans need to be stopped / But we'll have to use
every sadist we've got / The riot squads ready for the minorities / Their job is
to clean up society / Any blemish needs to be wiped out / Can't have subversives
walking around / The boys in blue certainly know their job / Let's have three
cheers to P.C. Plod.

"Mans Life"

Five years in the army then end up on the dole / Ben to northern Ireland think you
know it all / Seen the blood and guts strung across the street seen the faceless
enemy another piece of dead meat / Fighting for a country that doesn't really care /
Searching for a future that isn't really their / Proud to wear a uniform pride like
that can kill / Looking for the glory that's the ultimate thrill / Travel to far off
places fight other countries wars / Try to end the battles that politicians cause /
Return home to find no heroes welcome, no thanks / Risk life and limb against enemy
guns and tanks / for God, the same God the enemy knew as theirs, / For queen, The
figurehead too false to even care/ For country, to which no one really belongs /
For whatever reason wars will always be wrong / armies are used to protect the countries
masses / To protect the privileges of the ruling classes / The glory of war is a lie
and a mythical con / There is no glory in death war can never be won / heroes don't
exist ask any widow of world war two / Don't join the ranks of the dead / Or the
dead will laugh at you.

"Desire For Life"

Why must we compete / With everyone we meet ? / What's so strange about sharing ?/
Whats so wrong about caring ?/ I don't want to fight you / I don't want to Fuck
you / I have no need no desire for hate / Why is it so hard / To communicate ??

"Family joy"

Daughters found her man at last, but things are different from the past / Marriage
does not interest them, they say they are more than friends / They can see through
their parents lies they want to be free to live their lives / Not bound together
by legal regulations, not forced together by old fashioned relations / Don't
believe in bits of paper, mutual trust is so much safer / Never been to church since
birth to them religion has no worth / To wed in church is a contradiction full
of all the usual restrictions / Two people are easier to control if they can be
treated as a whole / Family life is supposed to be great but it's a breeding
ground for hate / Oppression starts off in the home the seeds of a society
are sown / Father is always the big boss treats mummy AA dead loss / Man beats
woman child stats to cry he doesn't understand why his parents fight / But
if they do it it must be okay they must be showing him how to behave / So the
child has learnt to fight and he believes violence is right / Another
generation worse than the last, don't blame them blame the past / Christened
in church right from the start is it tradition or a feeling from the heart /
Baby grows up with Jesus Christ taught that hos was the perfect life / Never
knows that he's being conditioned being prepared for a higher position / He
won't be chained to a production line, Won't have to follow leaders all his
life / The Church will teach him how to behave, how to treat people as his
slaves / Now he has the power to start a war, to protect the possessions
he lives for / Money is that cause of all sadness, created by the boss
man madness / The people blindly follow his instructions they start a massive
war production / The bomb for the capitalist society kills people but don't
damage property / Wonderful inventions of death and blood cannot be used for
anything good / a deter ant they may be for a while but always they dominate
our lives / All around we see our fate in the mirror it is only we who can
refuse to be killers.


In the second world war the Nazis / Performed experiments on the Jews /
With the progress of medical science / They've found a different species
to use / The scapegoats of today's mad scientists / are monkeys, Mice
dogs and rabbits / Their bodies are poisoned with deadly chemicals /
To test man kinds bad habits / No anesthetic is given to relieve the
suffering death is the only escape from the pain / Force fed
substances like bleach and alcohol / Cruelly tortured for financial
gain / In secret laboratories with government aid / Millions of
innocent creatures die / for all this we are non the wiser / But
we choose not to hear when the poor buggers cry / No ones allowed
access to inspect the tests / A blanket of lies cover up the truth /
The authorities argue their games are humane but they never produce the
proof / This countries leaders condone the slaughter / What else will
they choose to allow / Tomorrow's mice will be human beings we must
fight for the animals.

"Ode To Stupidity"

Brainless Bailiffs with pick ax handles / Enter uninvited at the councils
request / Forced eviction of homeless families / With bricks, facilities are
lovingly caressed / Potential homes, now empty shells / Broken monuments to
needless poverty / Destroyed by heartless greedy men / Who sacrifice people /
For sake of property / Children die unnoticed by the public / As the smiling
councilor canvasses votes / Hopeless policies create pointless deaths /
Another desperate mother, writes a suicide note / We continue to tolerate
selfish stupidity/ On behalf of a twisted local authority / Who see no
further than the next election / It's time ti demand their resignation.

"Frozen North"

The windows cracked and broken / The Chimney stacks have fallen / Premature
demolition / Brought on by the recession / Blank faces, cold and staring /
into space, no longer caring / Minds tortured by the memory / Of a once
prosperous factory / Lives shattered in a second / As the hopeless dole
queue beckoned / Now they face the harsh reality / Of mass forced redudundancy
expressions void of feeling / As many mouths need feeding / But pantry's now
lie empty / When once they held plenty / They see no brighter days ahead /
Drained of reason, the living dead / The market was swamped by cheaper goods /
Loss in profits meant fewer jobs / The textile firms could survive no more /
They bade farewell to the frozen north / The noisy looms now make no sound /
A silent heartbeat of a crippled town.

"Progressive Destruction"

They're screwing up the weather with their scientific tests / Satellites
and rockets, from both east and west / The worlds climate is disrupted,
by the freak conditions / We are thrown into confusion, by their nature
controlling visions / The worlds wealth is squandered, in their quest to
conquer space / They've raped the planet Earth, so they search for another
place / They've plundered our natural resources. bled them dry/ Now the
power mad scientists, want to start on the sky/ We are destroying Earths
protective layers, with aerosol sprays / polluting the atmosphere , with
chemical waste / They spend vast amounts of money , putting men on the
moon / But what if all those pictures ., were taken in a disguised room/
Made to look like a distant planets surface, for our benefit / To hide the
real reason, for journeys into space, from the public, / Spies in the sky,
armed to the teeth / Under the guise of exploration, their weaponry is
complete / Secretly built, poised ready to descend / Undetected by radar
Until the bitter end / They plot the scheme in their mansions, behind
our backs / playing with the world, and never disclosing the facts /
We have only one life, and only one Earth to live it in / We have the
choice, enjoy it or destroy it, .... Decide what you want.

"State Indoctrination"

In the playground the little children scream / Trapped in the pain of a
recurring bad dream / the conditioning process is a very subtle ploy/
To whitewash the minds of every girl and boy / Christian morals are forced
down children's throats / The twisted straight and narrow path, a steep
immoral slope/ Lined with the battered bodies of many blind believers / Torn
apart by the blatant lies of the family sickness / The teacher preaches
hatred, punishment, and fear / Ready to denounce true compassion wherever
it may appear / Props are provided to keep the eager occupied / Toys,
games, and books, weapons of mental genocide/ The preparation for motherhood
begins with plastic babies / They're taught to think,and look and act, like
perfect little ladies / Manhood is associated with strength and leadership/
Ability to take command of any relationship / They're taught to use their bodies to achieve their aims / To be submissive or aggressive and never
use their brains / the education system creates pre programmed puppets/
Who'll never question their desire for greed and profit / The vicious
circle keeps on turning with every child born / Generation after generation
sticking firmly to the norm / without the indoctrination a child's mind can
be pure / The realization of the problem is the first part of the cure.

"Dirty Squatters"

Male and female young and old / Thousand locked out in the cold / Thousands of
homeless walk the streets / Nowhere to go no food to eat / Can't afford high
council rates / Long housing lists aren't worth the wait / All we want is the
right to squat / Free from the threat of eviction / The right to live in
derelict houses free from police restriction / Loads of houses all over
town / All you do is knock them down / You don't think of people sleeping in
a ditch / You only bother about the fortunate rich / You'll take notice of
squatters someday / Cos whatever you think we we won't go away!

"Tiny Revolutions"

Police can't control the situation / Safety in numbers is no solution / The
people retaliate with mindless violence / It seems the only way to make them
see sense / But it don't achieve nothing but a bloody face the M.P.S. are
convinced it's all to do with race / It''s a lot of things all rolled into
one / this countries sitting in a loaded bomb / Coppers are getting to big
for their boots / Inciting the youth raid and loot / They've taken too much for far
too long / It's easy to see both sides are wrong / No one can see no answer at all /
They're banging their heads against a solid brick wall / Discussions conferences
just a load of talk / It don't make our streets safe to walk/ We can't live in peace
there has to be fighting / So the tension and the heat make life o frightening /
Somebody's got to put a stop to this madness / We're creating this misery with our
own blindness / Do you want to leave your kids peace and quiet ? / Or do you
want them to be killed in a riot ? ?


I had a dream of tomorrow / I dreamed there would be peace / People living
together as one / I dreamed that wars would cease / I had a dream of tomorrow /
Of flowers, birds and trees / Of life as nature intended / With everything set free /
I had a dream of tomorrow / I wish the world could see / I wish it could be
tomorrow / For today there is no peace.

"Big Boys"

It's not organised violence / It's not racial hate / It's just a bunch of idiots/
Following their big mates / They don't like the band so they smash up the gig /
If they spoil it for everyone it makes them feel big / The press just love it /
They only print bad news / They don't wanna know a good gig / Don't wanna hear
our views / But we won't let them spoil it/ We won't give them a fight/ We will
win cos we believe to live in peace is right.


Girl on page three got nothing to hide / Hard cash for soft porn she forgets her
pride / Sex starved maniac don't have to look far / For his needs he buys the sun
or the star / daily rapist works with eyes not tools . If you think it goes no
further you're being fooled / This sort of crap breeds lunatics / Does your husband
think with his prick? / Everyday bloke don't have to be the ripper / The geezer
next to you could be your killer / Pornography cheapens women / I know I'm a bloke
But I try to understand / Women Ain't a tool for services to man /




Soon to come downloads:

Bullshit Detector 1 tracks(four tracks using three different band names)
Weary of the Flesh 1982 Crass Records
Live at the 62 Club, Aberdeen 14/04/83
Live at Old Queens Head, Stockwell, London SW9 14/08/83
Live Unknown date and location 198X(Only two tracks)


  1. Andy T was my inspiration to be veggie at the age of 16. I am now 47 and still veggie and so is my daughter of 15. Been to see him recently he's still brilliant.

  2. Is there anyway i can get incontact with Andy T?