Friday, July 1, 2011

Decadent Few

     After Youth in Asia ceased to be around 1984, the remaining members Kay, Mick, Bernie and Mark started over as Decadent Few. Musically, they were much more advanced than the previous band, but the sound was still similar. Hagar the Womb had just broken up and their bassist Steph was looking for a new band to join and decided to join Decadent Few, but she didn't last long and was replaced by Gary Smith. Later on, Mark left to focus on his career as an electrician. The remained as a four-piece.

     Several tapes and records were recorded, such as a tape titled 'Kaputt', and a whole album that was never released('Low Life' was one of those songs in that album). In addition, another release was 'They Shoot Children, don't they?' and a record called 'Irrehuus'. Kay went on to also sing for Radical Dance Faction(RDF) and married their guitarist Phil- and then sang for The Astronauts. Decadent Few is still around and has played several gigs recently.

I have no lyrics for this band. If you have any, please post them in the comments!

Soon to come Downloads:

'Metamorphobia' from 'We don't want your Fucking War' released by Mortarhate 1984
Kaputt 1987
Unreleased Album 198X
Irrehuus 1991
They Shoot Children, Don't They? 19XX


  1. gary smith was a facist this blog talks about it

    check out the shirt he is sporting it's a shocker and very lame.

  2. This Mike from Decadent Few. Thanks for the mention on the site, but I have to clear up the matter of Gary Smith once and for all. Gary was with us for 9 months in 1984 and a dozen gigs. His fascist sympathies appeared LONG after he left D.Few, many years after in fact, and obviously we had no control over what he went on to do/think. Whilst with us Gary was a Crass fan and squatted with Flowers In The Dustbin. AFTER leaving D.Few he got into Death In June and Psychic TV, later still came the Nazi bullshit. His perogative, whether we like it or not (and we certainly didn't!)

  3. You're welcome. I see. Thanks for clearing it up for us!

  4. great to finaly have everything they released many thanks

  5. This is Kay, glad everyone getting to know G.Smith situation (see Mike comment) - Womble is our bassist, has been since 1985!! I have all lyrics if anyone wants and we're recording our totally new set before end of the year. Good to be gigging again and catching up with old (and new) faces. Looking for more gigs and continuing to have fun! Happy to correspondent with anyone interested. Can forward contact details via this site.

  6. where can i find out about what decadent few are up to these days? tour/gigs etc

  7. I really can't find any kind of information about the current Decadent Few, but you can see some of their new and old gigs here:

    Try asking the people who uploaded the videos about Decadent Few's new tours and gigs. Hopefully Kay will come back and see this so she can answer.

  8. Kay, can you please drop me a line at:
    DJ Swiftnick