Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Dave Asgrove Band(The Suspects)

     Dave Asgrove(he has several aliases) was inspired by the punk movement in the early 70's and played early on with a band called The Suspects as the guitarist/vocalist with his brother 'Fred Twigg' and some other people. During that time, he excelled in playing the guitar, drums, bass and vocals. They recorded a demo and were featured with the track 'Random Relations' on Bullshit Detector 2. They played live until maybe the end of 1982.

     Fast forward to 1983. The Suspects have split, but Dave decides to go on by himself. He takes the task to write songs all on his own and writes enough for a cassette album made up of songs he wrote and recorded all by himself in the early eighties. All songs feature him playing the guitar,bass,drums and providing the vocals too. This one band band had strong tracks such as 'Lucky Days' and 'I Rebel'.

     Unfortunately, this new one man band known as 'The Dave Asgrove Band' never had the chance to play live or spread his message.  Dave disappeared shortly after the release of the tape and didn't come back until the 90's as 'Joe Publik' but decided to play completely different, bluesy music. He is still active today and is looking forward to bringing back the suspects and taking part in a documentary that is going to go over the Bullshit detector albums and bands that is set to be released sometime in the future.

"Lucky Days"

All right so I complain /
I've got reason to /
There's always someone playing games /
telling me what to do /

I live the life of a window pane in a row of council slums
/ everyday I wait for rain /
and everyday it comes /

A smart arsed kid in a play-pen / 
dishes out the dole /
to a line of unemployed men /
with numbers on their souls /

a B1, a UB2 and a pencil on a string /
a signature from me to you /
and a signing card to bring /

a personal reminder /
I'm strictly second class /
looking for a non existant job or I get no bloody cash /

The housing problem's just the same /
I get no kinda joy /
three years in the waiting game / for a tenement block of my choice /
cracks like railroads up the walls / no bath or bog /
one hundred and sixteen Magpie Road /
unfit for a dog /
the lovely view of an open drain and a twenty five foot wall /
Norwich council says don't complain, it's better than a kick in the balls /

Life in Thatchers england /
it's a private joke /
her obvious insanity /
is killing every hope /
maybe she'll destroy herself /
one of these lucky days /
or fuck off to the falkland isles /
and lets all hope she stays.

"I Rebel"

I guess I must be wrong /
the system never fails /
after all I'm just one man /
a part of the minority scale /

I just can't see the point /
of working just to live /
to waste my life away /
when I have so much to give /

I'm rebelling against the system /
I'm rebelling against the law /
I refuse to be exploited /
I'm not taking any more /

Everyday the politicians /
twisted men with evil minds /
in their lust for greed and power /
destroy the future of mankind /

with missiles bombs and other toys /
they control my destiny
/ create a worldwide paranoia /
who gives a damn for you or me /

I'm rebelling against the system /
I'm rebelling against the law /
I refuse to be exploited /
I'm not taking any more /

I must obey your orders /
after all your in control /
you take away my hard earned money /
you put a price on my heart and soul /
you make me feel like I owe you something /
you make me feel obliged to crawl /
you tell me that I'm free to choose /
but I have no choice at all /

I'm rebelling against the system /
I'm rebelling against the law /
I refuse to be exploited /
I'm not taking any more .

Soon to come downloads:

The Suspects Demo 1982
'Random Relations' from Bullshit Detector 2 1982
Live at The Oktopus Klub, Amsterdam 1982
Live at Tiffany's Ballroom Great Yarmouth, New years Day 1982
Lucky days Cassette album 1983(I am missing some songs so I have to order the cassette now)


  1. hope you get your ipod fix soon been wanting to hear more from The Dave Asgrove Band(The Suspects)i normaly don't like bands that mix folk and punk but the pull it off great

    1. Many thanks for your kindness - Dave Asgrove.

  2. that documentary will be pretty cool can't wait for that

  3. some more various artist appearances: http://www.mediafire.com/?tkkf3sg67vvk682


  4. Thanks! Two of those are from "Lucky Days" that I did not have.

    1. new website: www.publik-rekords.com

  5. Hi, Dave Asgrove here. Just found this site. Very nice. However, if you want the 'actual' lyrics to the tracks featured here, please write to me at:
    joepublic@fsmail.net and I'll be glad to forward them to you.
    Also, I have re-released the original 'Lucky Days' album, and also I have all the masters from the other albums (featured on my website). These are all available from me if you're interested. There are also some films and other releases on Youtube (spillane444). Ta!

  6. check out my new website : www.joepublik.eu