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Decadence Within

     Decadence Within actually began as Ammonia 77, and they were both started by Ian Glasper(he wrote the book titled 'The Day the Country Died') and his cousin Mobs. Around December of 1984, after several gigs as Ammonia 77, the two decided that they wanted to do something much more faster and serious. Mobs was unable to find a decent drummer, so he taught himself to play drums, and replaced himself on guitar with 'local rock dude' Rob Clarke. Mobs taught Ian to play bass, so he remained as the bass player, and Kev Brookes was recruited on vocals. After two gigs with that line-up Rob left, and was replaced by Kris Edwards, and Kris's sister Andrea 'Am' Edwards joined as an additional vocalist, and Decadence Within was ready.

          The name Decadence Within was decided because according to their bassist Ian Glasper:"Well, we didn't want a silly name, and we didn't want a name beginning with "The"! I was reading a book by Henry James, all about a young American girl who comes to Europe and falls prey to the corruption of society there. The novel is about decadence, in people and institutions and even cities, and it got me thinking. There's good and bad in everyone and everything, and I suppose it's all a matter of weighing the two up before you pass judgement". Also noted as an influence, some of the members became vegetarians upon buying and listening to Flux of Pink Indian's "Neu Smell" E.P.

     Their first three tracks appeared in the 'Shall we Dance?' L.P on the Meantime label, and were recorded at Rich Bitch, Birmingham, on July 4th, 1986. Their first E.P(picture above is the cover). is called "Speed Hippy" and was recorded in the same studio on October 19th, 1986. Afterwards, their guitarist Rob was replaced by Giovanni 'Giv' Guigliamoni , and more material was recorded for a single in the same studio on April 5th, 1987, but it was never released('A Breathe of Fresh Air' is located in this studio session). In August of 1987, Decadence Within recorded and released two tracks with 'Component' appearing in the 'Airstrip One' compilation on Mystic Records, and 'Crushing of the Intellect' appearing in the Peaceville compilation 'A Vile Peace' alongside other bands such as Chumbawamba, Civilised Society? and Revulsion.

     After this point, the band went through several line-up changes, changed their sound several times, released numerous singles and albums and played hundreds of gigs all across the United Kingdom. A lot of the early band members protested and fought alongside the Animal Liberation Front, and some were even tested in court, but this just proves how serious they were to help stop animal cruelty. They played with dozens of bands, including an early tour with the Smart Pills, and gigs with bands such as Antisect, Instigators, Civilised Society?, Shrapnel, Symbol of Freedom, Deviated Instinct, and Wat Tyler. The band continued on , until they eventually released their last demo and split in 1995 after deciding that the band had run it's course, and that they all needed to move on to other things. Ian  Glasper still plays in a band called 'Suicide Watch' and has written several brilliant books such as 'Burning Britain', 'Trapped in a Scene' and 'The Day the Country Died'.

"High and Mighty"

Fuck the people who'll make you work, and strip you of all dignity
by chaining you to a factory, another industrial lavatory
where you'll lose your sanity, for the government's vanity.
Lost in a timeless cavity, doomed to live so wastefully.

Fuck the people who'll make you'll make you kill, make you laugh when people die.
Not caring as the children cry, watching with a merciless eye
as they drop fire from the sky, never thinking or asking why.
Never thinking that they lie, from their thrones so mighty and high.

Fuck the people who thrive on death, butchering animals every day.
Killing coldly for their pay, ignoring what protestors say.
Continuing their savage way, animals are their helpless prey.
Murdered by man, paying the price, are we so fucking civilized?

Meanwhile in the abattoir, another animal meets it's death.
Dying for a humanity who really just couldn't care less.

"Bloodlust of the Wealthy"

Dawn and death is in the air, a fox is searching for it's lair,
but the country gents love their sport, and the noble scum
say he must be caught.
The hounds are running in a pack, the weaker ones forced
to the back.
Trampled by horses if they get in the way, trained to kill as
their masters say.
The dogs have a cent, the fox is near, there's bloodlust in 
the huntsmen's leer.
A horn is blown, the fix is found, driven by pride they run
him to the ground.

What pleasure is there in killing a fox? Seeing it torn to
pieces by a pack of dogs?
Sadistic delight as the blood runs, stopping to kill just for
The end of the chase is drawing near, the fox is spurred
on by its fear.
Trembling, exhausted, it breathes its last breath, it can't
protest against it's bloody death... There's no excuse for
this slaughter.

"Where's a Solution?"

Fall to the floor with a bloody face, vanish into the crowd
without a trace.
Flash of a knife, nowhere to hide, blood rushing from a
wounded side.
Bloody eyes, alcoholic haze, fall to the floor in a daze.
Why not do something positive instead of waking hours
later in a hospital bed?
Work together on the road to peace, while leaders kill
whomever they please.
It may seem good to see someone fall. but a kick in the
head solves nothing at all.


And Dr. Death makes the decision,
to take my life with another incision.
To use my death to further his name,
he'll remove my eyes or maybe my brain.
He'll pull off my arms for mankind's health,
develop bombs to destroy himself.
He'll torture my nerves, monitor my pain,
he'll smash my legs, then do it again.
He'll feel no pity at my agonized cries,
he'll fill me with drug so I can't die.
But the hope to die is all I have left,
and all there is is another test.
Pushed into cages, hit to the ground,
my tongue torn out so I make no sound.
To annoy the men in the white coats,
who as I squirm stand and gloat.
And they're paid good money... blood money.
My eyes, your hair, at least you could care;
I die, you smile, it just isn't fair.
Ripped to shreds, saved from death,
put back together for another test.
My body, your soap, another dose,
long ago we gave up hope.
Of release from this hell... This deformed shell.
This body was mine until you made it blind.

"So much for their Law"

Do their best to stop demonstrations,
erect their barricades.
Bringing in more police,
to crush any feelings of unease.
We've gotta fight the police who protect the state,
unite and win and return their hate.
Smash the labs the police protect
and free the animals they vivisect.
Time after time, break the law,
challenge the authority that makes us crawl.
Attack again those that kill,
until those bastards have had their fill.

Stand up and fight and something might give,
remove the fear under which we live.

If people knew what went on inside these laboratories
perhaps they would think again before they used such cruelty.
Then perhaps animals would get the protection that they need.
But the police ensure these animals can never, ever be freed.

"When you Stop Buying, they'll Stop Dying"

The vivisector smiles, his face becomes a grin,
when asked about the animals he's torturing within...
'It's for mankind we make these animals blind,
searching for a cure that we'll never find...'

It's such a fucking con, no one sees it's wrong.
Animals feel the pain, it's always been the same,
throughout history, put through misery,
for humanity's sick games, animals take the blame.

And no one needs to live off dead animal's meat;
it's a pathetic tradition that we must kill what we eat...
Their flesh bleeds, they're just like you and me,
but still animals die for your luxury.

Foxes are ravaged for pleasure and fun,
birds smashed by mankind's gun.
In circuses wild animals are denied liberty,
thousands are skinned to fuel your vanity.
Whatever happened to equality?

This fucking farce stinks of blood and death,
our civilization relies upon flesh
of men and animals to fuel it's greed,
to supply the people with what they don't need.


Listen well to what I say, for it's a matter of life and death.
We've reached the final act of history's play, and the Earth
is breathing it's final breath.
Now is the time, the bombs are primed, you better think
how to say goodbye.
The land is raped for the final time, nuclear fission is how
we shall die.

If it's not war, it'll be poisonous gas, with power stations
about to blow.
Dying, buried under tons of ash, but it'll be quiet so
we won't even know.
It's been the same since man found out, that he was
stronger if he crushed all about.
But when you're dying in the flames, you'll see such power
just can't be tamed.

Listen well to what I say, now is the time, the bombs are
In your eyes I see a reflection of the fires of Armageddon.

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

We bend in the wind of the system's power,
they raise their fist and we always cower.
Our personal freedom is the key to it all,
the only way to smash down their walls.

We bend in the wind of the system's power,
they raise their fist and we always cower.

We're bending in the wind of the system's power.
Bending in the wind of the system's power.


Bending in the wind.
Bending in the wind.
Bending in the wind.
We're Bending in the wind.

Bending in the wind.
Bending in the wind.
Bending in the wind.
We're bending in the wind.

Bend in the wind of the system's power,
they raise their fist and we always cower.
Our personal freedom is the key to it all,
the only way to smash down their walls.

Don't keep telling me what to do:
we're in this together if we want to see it through.
Learn to respect each other's feelings, 
overcome the wounds that seem never-healing.

We bend in the wind of the system's power,
they raise their fist and we always cower.
Our personal freedom is the key to it all,
the only way to smash down their walls.

We're bending in the wind.

Bending in the wind.
Bending in the wind.
Bending in the wind.

We're bending in the wind.

Bend in the wind of the system's power.

Bending in the wind.
Bending in the wind.
Bending in the wind.
Bending in the wind.

"We Could be"

You and me, we could be, a force to be reckoned with.
I see doubt, in your eyes, our friends lies keep us
apart, lonely and divided.
We must act as one, if we're to overcome, the incredible
odds stacked against us.
United we must stand, if we're to have a hand, in changing
this world for the better.


So, what is a label? It's just a word, to make sure you're
just part of the herd.
Ignore my clothes, look into my head, see the loneliness
and the tears I've shed.

"Crushing of the Intellect"

People sipping beer, ignoring what they fear,
content to live a lie, built on compromise;
trapped in your hypocrisy,
doomed to mentality, destined to never be free...
Trapped in your own cell, of indoctrinated attitudes,
A narrow-minded hell, why can't you think for yourself?

There's miser in this world.
but you don't even want to know.
You don't even want to care,
as long as you've got your share.
It was you who made these walls,
only you can tear them down.
It was you who chose this lifestyle,
only you can turn things around.


He's here again, to cause me pain,
those sadistic eyes, those fingers that pry.
My cries are in vain, his pleasure's so plain,
he loves to hack, find new organs to attack;
he'll rip my skin, reveal what's within,
flesh oozing pus, then sewn back up.
It'll make his day if he can think of a way
to gouge out my eyes whilst keeping me alive.

Not the knife again to split open my flesh -
what have I done to deserve this death?
Disemboweled or infected with more disease...
Will someone help me, please?

He's here again, with my wage,
a token bribe for being his slave;
today's the day for which I wait,
I work real hard and I'm never late;
I'd never consider going against the grain,
because this regular job keeps me sane;
it's a regular prison with no guards you can see,
because routine is the bars and the wage is the key.

But to tell the truth, I may as well die,
because all I do is earn and then buy,
I spend my whole fucking life down on my knees...
Will someone help me, please?
Take control of your life right away, there's more to existence
then your pay-day.
Escape whilst you can, the system's machine, shrug off the
apathy induced by routine.

Soon to come downloads:

Rehearsal 1985
Several compilation tracks starting from 1986-19XX
Speed Hippy 7" 1986 Floating Gerbil Records
Unreleased Single 1987 (I uploaded this years back when no one else had. It should be floating around in some other blogs now.)
Demo tracks for the "This Lunacy" L.P. on Peaceville 1988


  1. there is a Double Cd Called Reflections On Boss Tuneage 49 tracks from 85 to 94 of demos and unreleased tracks.

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