Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Off Topic Post

     They prefer not to be talked about but I am going to break that rule for my own personal reasons(I wont go into much detail about them). The punk movement was anti-mainstream, but these people took it up to a completely different level. They were all Satanists, and claimed to have no fear in death. They believed in darkness, not love, life, happiness and humanity. The world had taught them that it is a cruel, false, deceptive place, and that only pain and suffering can come from it.

     They hated humanity so much that they moved into the nearby forests and actually lived their for a couple of months, until the harsh conditions forced them back. They aimed to be hated, dreaded and thought of as ugly by the common individual. Their mission was to help start the Black Holocaust, where mainstream humanity that didn't follow their ideas would be taken into slow torture and completely killed off. This circle of people believed they were 'demons' of some sort. Their 'art' was their music which they took very seriously, and their lyrics showed just how much they hated the 'worms'(humans), so any 'metal-head worm' who thought their music was 'cool' was looked at as in idiot by them.

     By 1995, they had already believed that Black Metal was dead(they were rumored to have been either a response or inspired by the Norwegian 'Black Metal Inner Circle'. They were not part of it). Upon being asked about the Black Metal scene, they replied that it had become mainstream and has now only become worried about money and photogenic appearances. It wasn't just music in their personal view, but a perpetual hatred. This circle of individuals were noted for only making very few copies of their releases and demos(rumored to had been around five or six of each), and only giving them to close friends whom they trusted would keep their music in the darkness. Entirely an underground group, hardly anyone has heard of them or knows who these bands are, and even less is known about their history and what became of them(surprisingly enough, these bands are hardly known in the mainstream metal scenes).

     In their eyes, suicide is regarded as the mightiest, most noble act. Death will make God and everyone else equal, for it is the ultimate point for all humanity to them. Sex is an undeniable sphere of Satanism, who's limits should be broken and looked more into. Hell is humanities destiny, and place of eternal reign. Finally, murder is their most beautiful way to deny life which is by destroying it. They dreamed of a world ruled by Satan, doomed in chaos.

    Their songs reflected on their feelings of hatred, sadness and isolation, such as one member who would imagine committing a murder while he wrote music. All together, the circle remained amazingly under nine people. However, five of them wrote the bulk of the material, and the rest were declared 'betrayers' due to unknown events. They mixed and matched everyone to form several solo projects and bands which led to slightly over 40 bands made within those very few individuals.

     Their music is defined as Black Metal and some of it was noted for being heavily influenced by early Bathory. Some bands were ambient projects and some consisted of twisted screams and chants(sometimes in a language that they themselves created) either by themselves or accompanied by slow disturbing sounds of perverse music. Some of the bands played either fast melodic Black Metal, heavy dark sounding Black Metal or even slow, atmospheric songs that brought emptiness and isolation to the listeners mind. Some bands are so weird that I can't even begin to describe what they sound like. Nonetheless, These bands became breakthroughs through the Black Metal genre and proved to be epic works of hateful art.

     Their music was to remain in the darkness and never to come up into the light of the mainstream. However, betrayers made bootlegs of their demos and sold them, and this is how word of these bands got out. An endless amount of rumors were made, and in the end, the members of these bands disappeared and were never heard from again, except for one ex-member who is still active today(after faking his death for years) in a one man band project, but he refuses to answer any questions about his time in the circle he was once a part of. Now dozens of rumors are circulating the internet about them, and the bootlegs continue to be copied and sold. Unfortunately, no one will ever know the truth. They will remain as a mysterious part of Black Metal history.

      I will do the members a favor and give no names out to anything giving out who they were and I am also disabling the comments for this post specifically. I don't agree with anything they say. This is just a simple off topic post. Nothing more. If you do somehow read this whole post, just disregard it.