Thursday, July 28, 2011

Urban Decay

     Urban Decay began life in Harlow around 1977 while all the members were still in school. Unfortunately, in 1978 the band dissolved, leaving Till, the guitarist, by himself. Fortunately, he found Maz and got him to play bass, and Dean was found to handle the vocals. The band went through several line-up changes looking for a drummer, and this played a big factor in why they were never really able to release anything. They played gigs regularly with bands such as The Eratics, Epileptics(The band before Flux of Pink Indians), The Newtown Neurotics and several more.

     The line-up they managed to settle and record with became Dean Tisbury on vocals, Steven 'Till' Timcke on guitar and David 'Maz' Marriot on bass. However, they were often helped by Micky Howard from Sods on drums, Kev Hunter from the Epileptics on guitar and Stringy from the Eratics on additional vocals. A later version of the band around the end were the original three alongside Nigel 'Rhino' Trotter on drums, Olly on additional vocals and Ray Jones on saxophone. By 1982, the band split up, and all the bands around them had managed to get records out, but they never managed to release anything. The struggle to find a permanent drummer and their lack of commitment played a role in that.


I have no lyrics for this band. If anyone knows any, please post them in the comments!

Soon to come Downloads:

Unknown Demo 1980?(I uploaded this one years ago when on one else had. It should have made its way into some blogs by now.)
Live at The Mill, Harlow on March 11th, 1980
Live at the Maltings, Sawbridgeworth in 1982.

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  1. There is a hard to find CD released with 13 studio tracks as a discography on Handsignal Recordings who also released a great stortbeat compilation. I have a copy if anyone is interested.

    --joey defiant